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YumeTwins Top 5 Animal Crossing Clothing Creators

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Ah, Animal Crossing… Just when we thought we could shake you, you keep bringing us back in. The popular Nintendo Switch game that was the title launched after Nintendo's super popular mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp took the world by storm, making us give up life in the big city for the laid-back island life. 

And, much like the monthly Kawaii subscription box YumeTwins, there is no end to the cuteness that’s in store inside of Animal Crossing. With a game so much about self expression, we love to see that the Animal Crossing New Horizons community is still going strong with custom created content made by the game players themselves.

From paths to wallpapers, there is a style for every single person. And if you can’t find something that matches your unique style, you can always make it for yourself! However, we can’t deny that the amazing community made fashion designs you can enjoy in the game have no end. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite in-game designers with a true flair and passion for fashion, and you won’t break the bank so you’ll still be able to pay your loan to Tom Nook. 

Please note you’ll need a Nintendo Online membership in order to download these designs. To download the designs, simply access the panel at the back of the Able Sisters’ shop and enter any creator or design codes that you like. Or use the design app on your Nook Phone.

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Creator 1: @acnhfashion 

Creator Code: MA-4614-8515-1896

Vibes: Rustic, Fantasy and a little bit Punk

Nicole of acnh fashion should be a staple designer in any Animal Crossing fan’s virtual wardrobe. Her fashionable designs range from rustic, cottage-core aesthetics to dreamy, cute and fantasy designs. You can even find some indie and punk designs if you want to embrace your inner rebel. 

Creator 2: @natattacksacnh

Creator Code: MA-8179-4381-8522

Vibes: Total Elegancecore

Natattack of Rosecrest understands a little something about elegance. She has created a beautiful selection of day dresses and evening gowns that will truly let you live out your own romantic fantasy. And she has made sure to offer gowns to match all skin tones, allowing for a seamless and beautiful fashion experience.

Creator 3: @loveless_ds

Creator Code: MA-7230-6684-0984

Vibes: Sweet Pastels

For all the islanders who are seeking out a dreamy, pastel colored Animal Crossing experience, the creations of @loveless_ds are just what you need. Everything has a kawaii feeling that would fit great into a regal, kawaii or sweet island theme.

Creator 4: @canton.crossing

Creator Code: MA-1900-8638-3339

Vibes: Vintage and Cozy

Think big knits, refreshing plaids and a little bit of country flair. That is what Kaylee of @canton.crossing is creating. Giving us major vintage vibes and soft, natural tones, these looks would work perfectly for a more nature inspired island or even just an islander who is all about the cozy life. 

Creator 5: @acnh.skdesigns

Creator Code: MA-3179-2049-9310


Sakao from @acnh.skdesigns has lovingly created and curated a selection of fantasy inspired looks, cute and casual dresses and even some fantastic East Asian inspired designs with fantastic patterns. There are even a few beautiful cosplay designs, including Disney’s Cruella. A must try for all kawaii islanders. 


With all the cute and inspiring designs that you can find in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there will be no end to the online pattern sharing and never ending fashion show that is Animal Crossing. You’ll be kawaii-fying your Animal Crossing life in no time.

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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