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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogVulpix and More: Secretly Cute Pokemon You Should Know About!

Vulpix and More: Secretly Cute Pokemon You Should Know About!

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
October 30, 2023
Vulpix staring at something.

If there’s one irrefutable thing about Pokemon, they’re super cute! Everyone knows Pikachu and Eevee, but so many other Pokemon, like Vulpix, are just as cute, if not cuter than those! Some Pokemon are fuzzy and cuddly, some are sleek and elegant, and some are just kind of funny-looking in the best way.

These Pokemon are cute but always play second fiddle to Pokemon like Togepi and Bulbasaur. Well, we’re here to let the world know just how cute other Pokemon are and that they deserve some love, too!


Vulpix is a tiny canine fire-type Pokemon mostly seen in vast, grassy plains. They resemble small dogs except that they have large brown eyes and big, fluffy tails. Vulpix are born with only one tail but continue to split as they mature, growing hotter and hotter as they near their evolution.

Vulpix (red) and Alola (white)Vulpix meeting each other.
Vulpix is a cute fire Pokemon! Image via

It has a flame that burns inside them, and it never goes out. If a Pokemon trainer uses a Fire Stone on a Vulpix, it will evolve into a Ninetails, a much larger white dog-like Pokemon with (you guessed it) nine tails.

To begin with, Vulpix are the perfect size to pick up and hold. They’re always warm, so if you need a warm cuddle buddy when it gets chilly, Vulpix are perfect. And who can say no to their soft brown fur, cream-colored tummies, and those fluffy tails? Vulpix are the perfect combination of cute and elegant and easily ranks as one of the cutest Pokemon.


Phanpy is a ground-type Pokemon that looks like a sky-blue elephant. Easily recognizable by their blue skin and significant red markings on their ears, Phanpies are much stronger than they appear. Their trunks are gentle enough to bump someone around but strong enough to put some serious hurt on something if necessary. Phanpy likes to dig nests at the edges of rivers so they can bathe very early in the morning.

A small blue elephant named Phanpy.
Phanpy is a cute little elephant! Image via DBLTAP

One, Phanpy looks like an elephant. That’s already really cute. Two, they have such happy little faces. Considering Phanpies are strong enough to give adults a ride on their backs, there’s no problem with taking a nice ride on top of a Phanpy through a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. And if it gets too hot, Phanpy can cool everyone off with their big ears!


Rockruffs are small rock-type dog Pokemon. Rockruffs are recognizable by their light brown fur, big white tail, and the circle of rocks around their necks. They’re friendly with humans since before anyone can remember. Not to mention, they’re especially good for novice Pokemon Trainers since they have such a loyal and friendly demeanor, but they’re notorious for becoming rowdy as they age.

A blue eyed brown canine Pokemon named Rockruff. They are a dog like Vulpix.
Rockruff is a fierce and loyal puppy! Image via

They’re little dogs, and that immediately scores them cute points. They’re just rocky poochs that love running around and acting wild. How many things are better than having a gravel wolf running around with you and loving you unconditionally? Not many, that’s how many.

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Bidoofs are normal-type Pokemon that resemble large beavers. Covered in brown and cream-colored fur, Bidoofs are best known for their giant incisors and little red noses. Even though they look rather silly, Bidoofs are very fast and are fantastic at building dams (but they also like to walk into town and chew on people’s houses, which is admittedly not cool.)

A bunch of big-toothed beaver Pokemon named Bidoof.
Biddoof is a beaver Pokemon. Image via

Give a Bidoof a good, long look. They’re so fuzzy and cute looking! Even their names make them sound like big ol’ stuffed animals you want to hug. Big teeth aside, there’s nothing that a Bidoof has that doesn’t make you want to hold them tight. They have soft brown fur and those little feet. We all know Bidoof has to give the most awesome snuggles. And those little red noses? Come on. Bidoof just screams cute!


Piplups are tiny water-type Pokemon that resemble penguins that like to live alongside cold seashores. Piplups can be identified by their white and blue feathers and tiny yellow beaks. They have long dark blue feathers that drape down their backs, making them seem like they’re wearing little capes.

A blue penguin Pokemon named Piplup.
Piplup is a starter water Pokemon! Image via Pokefanon

Much to the ire of every Pokemon trainer that has raised a Piplup, they are incredibly proud little Pokemon, so much so that they often refuse to accept food from their trainers.

Alright, picky eating aside, Piplups are super duper cute. A) they’re little penguins, B) they’re little penguins that can fly and C) they look like they have capes on. Would it also be cute to watch them trip and quickly jump up with their chests puffed out because they got embarrassed that they tripped over their little feet? Yes, but we don’t need to admit that to them.

There are over 1000 different kinds of Pokemon in the world. We would never be able to list all of the series’s cuties, and even this list only scratches the merest of surfaces. You can also check out some of these Pokemon at amazing events! There are just too many cute Pokemon to talk about! Which Pokemon do you think are the cutest? Did we mention them? Let us know who you think is the cutest (Flareon is the correct answer) below!

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