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7 of the Cutest Anime Plushies!

By Terrell
September 17, 2021

We all love our plushies, no matter where they came from or why we got them. However, there is something about the special connection we form with anime plushies. Maybe it’s the fact that we watched them grow and develop on our screens. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re unique and different from a regular stuffed friend.

Either way, anime plushies are abundant, and the amount of options can be overwhelming. If you need a little help deciding what plushie you want next, here are seven anime that have the best anime plushies.

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Pokemon has been around since 1996 when Pokemon: Green and Blue came out in Japan. It was followed by the Pokemon anime series that came out in 1997 (also in Japan). Although the games are more popular than the anime in terms of international notoriety, many of the designs used in the anime informed and influenced the design of Pokemon in future games. 

And we anime plush fans are happier for it. The cute Pokemon we see on screen make even cuter cuddle buddies. Whether it’s the iconic Pikachu, the cute normal Pokemon Eevee, the gentle, sleepy giant Snorlax, or any of the starters, Pokemon has tons of inspiration and even more adorable plushies for you to take home.

A wall of Pokemon plushies with a giant Pokemon signboard in the middle of them

Image via Shutterstock

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura gave us the super kawaii (cute) titular character, Sakura, in 1998. This magical girl anime had three seasons and has certainly left its mark on anime history.

However, there are two things that make this magical girl adventure great for anime plushies. First, Sakura is a fashion icon. In most episodes, she wore a different outfit to match the theme of the episode, provided by her best friend Tomoyo. With so many stylish outfits, there are so many cute plushies available for this anime.

Also, her winged cat companion Kero, short for Cerberus, is absolutely adorable. This character brought a certain charm to the show with his cute design and sassy attitude. Of course, this wasn’t his fully-powered form, but the form we grew to love in the show is perfect for any anime plush collection.

Demon Slayer

Two crane game machines next to each other, one with Tanjiro round plushies and the other with Demon Slayer character plushies

Image via Shutterstock

Demon Slayer, or Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japanese, really took the world by storm in 2019. Every anime fan has at least heard of it, and many people, especially in Japan, know the names Tanjiro and Nezuko, the series’ main characters. Although this show is full of scary demons, the main and supporting characters really shine through in this show with interesting colors, playful expressions, and cute moments.

This is what makes Demon Slayer Plushies so cute. They take the cutest part of each character and just emphasize it in plush form. Tanjiro’s smile, Nezuko’s baby doll eyes, Zenitsu’s bewildered look, and Inosuke’s hilarious boar head are just a few of the plushie options available from this anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Two faceless versions of Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen, one without marks and one with.

Image via Shutterstock

Jujutsu Kaisen filled the void in our hearts in 2020 after Demon Slayer’s first season ended. With an interesting art style, Yuji Itadori and his battles against curses have made us sit at the edge of our seats and even shed a few tears. 

But who knew such an intense anime would have such cute plushies? Somehow, plushie companies saw a need and filled it with cute chibi (small) versions of these characters. Yuji, Megumi, Toge, and Panda are just a few of the kawaii-fied characters you can find on online plushie stores these days.

Almost Any Ghibli film

A Totoro plushie holding a single leaf in front of a white blackground

Image via Shutterstock

Ghibli films are in a league of their own in cinema. So many of the best Ghibli movies are extremely memorable for their gorgeous art style, whimsical settings, and unique characters. These elements are also what has made them household names that almost anyone can recognize.

The magical settings and character design has led to quite a few stand-out characters that any plushie owner should have at least one of. Kiki’s Delivery Service has Jiji. My Neighbor Totoro has Totoro, his friends, and the cat bus. Spirited Away even has No-Face and the little soot guys. There are plenty of Ghibli plushies out there waiting for a home. 

My Hero Academia

The My Hero Academia logo with All Might's image above it.

Image via Shutterstock

My Hero Academia is still running strong ever since its 2016 anime debut. Main character, Midoriya Izuku endeared himself to us as an underdog who continues to grow, learn, and push the limits of his abilities. He also has plenty of interesting superhero companions with unique powers and personalities.

When you take those unique characters, put them in their superhero costumes, and shrink them to be perfectly small, you get plenty of cute plushies. The interesting Midoriya, the smiling All-Might, the brooding Todoroki, and the hot-headed Bakugo all make great anime plushies that you can add to any collection.

Sailor Moon

A picture of Luna from Sailor Moon in front of a white background

Image via Shutterstock

The unofficial queen of magical girls is definitely on this list. Usagi, the titular Sailor Moon, has been inspiring girls to live their best magical lives since 1992. Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask have all earned their spots as one of the best shoujo anime (girl's anime).

Although plenty of plushies of Usagi and her friends exist and are totally worth collecting. Usagi’s animal companion Luna is really the show stealer. This black cat with the crescent moon on its head is absolutely adorable. And if you don’t want your Luna plush to be alone, you can also collect Artemis, the white cat introduced in later episodes.

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