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Netflix’s latest stop motion show: Rilakkuma and Kaoru

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If you love kawaii Japanese cartoons, surely you know Rilakkuma! In Japan this little brown bear is very famous and has a lot of merchandise from stationary to phone cases, polaroid cameras, and stuffed animals. Now even has his very own Netflix show! Rilakkuma has been described as "huge hits in Japan" by The New York Times. As of May 2010, Rilakkuma ranked as the fifth most popular character in Japan in a survey of the Character Databank.

In celebration of Rilakkuma’s 15 year anniversary, Netflix is releasing a new show titled Rilakkuma and Kaoru in over 190 countries! This new release is no ordinary cartoon, it’s a stop motion animation! It will be 13 episodes long and will run for 11 minutes per episode.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru follows the adventures of office worker Kaoru (voiced by Lana Condor) and her stuffed bear companion Rilakkuma, along with Korilakkuma and her pet bird Kiiroitori.

It’ll be an absolutely adorable show, that’s for sure. We’ll have to wait a little while before we can comment on it, but there’s no doubt it won’t be lacking in cuteness. Just look at how cute its subject is!

In spirit of the premiere of this new Netflix show, we’ve put together a couple fun facts about Rilakkuma for you! How many of these do you already know?

Do you know the origin of Rilakkuma's name?

Do you know the meaning of Rilakkuma? In Japanese, Rilakkuma is comprised of two words, namely リラックス rirakkusu, a Japanese transliteration of the English word "relax" and クマ(熊)kuma which means bear. His name perfectly reflects is stress-free and relaxed personality!

Rilakkuma has his very own themed cafes!

Did you know that Rilakkuma has his very own themed cafe located in Osaka, called the Rilakkuma Town Cafe? This cafe provides a lot of sweet treats and even sells limited edition kawaii goods including clear files, keyrings and much more!

Rilakkuma Town Cafe Osaka is located on the 4th floor of Abeno Q’s Mall, 1-6-1, Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka. Don’t forget to visit, it will be the cutest experience!

How cute are these dishes from the Rilakkuma cafe in Osaka?? We want to eat them all!

There is also a traditional tea house style Rilakkuma themed cafe in Japan’s historical capital, Kyoto. The cafe “Arashiyama Rilakkuma Sabo” is a combination of traditional Japanese style decor and Rilakkuma merchandise, and offers a huge variety of food, drinks, snacks and desserts only available there!

The tea house cafe launched in the popular Arashiyama area in Kyoto, where a number of top touristic sites are located including the bamboo grove and Togetsukyo Bridge.

Check out these adorable lunch sets at the Kyoto Rilakkuma cafe! They certain have more of a traditional Japanese vibe!

Rilakkuma had his very own Lottery!

San-x has combined リラックマ (Rilakkuma) and  くじ (kuji – lottery), and presented Rilakkuma fans with a Rilakkuma lottery, called Rilakkuji! It is not like a traditional lottery as by purchasing a ticket for Rilakkuji you are guaranteed to win a prize! Now that is the kind of lottery we can get on board with!

How many of these facts did you know about Rilakkuma? If you think you know Rilakkuma how many of these facts do you know about Korilakkuma? Check out this article!

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