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Hello Kitty & Converse Collab is Too Cute!

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Everyone needs a good ol’ pair of chucks! They to look great paired with any casual outfit and some brides have even worn them with their wedding gowns! They truly are the go-to reliable sneaker. But what is even better than a handy pair of Converse sneakers? The answer is, kawaii Converse! And who embodies kawaii you ask? Duh, Hello Kitty! That is why we were delighted to discover that the world’s most beloved cat mascot has collaborated with global sneaker brand Converse!

We have always loved their classic sneakers but we owe them a big fat THANK YOU for contributing to the world of all that is cute and adorable. We are obsessed with the kawaii pastel and neutral color palette and elaborate designs on the sneakers. But don’t take our word for it! Check out some pics of these new fly kicks. Gosh, we just love rhyming here at YumeTwins.

The collaborative Hello Kitty line is made up of a variety of colors and designs made in both high and low top Converse sneakers! But what we love the most is the attention to detail in all of the shoes.

We are all familiar with the Converse logo on the back heel of every pair of chucks, but we love the little added detail of Hello Kitty ears that they have incorporated! And of course they did not skip out on her iconic bow that is always on the right side.

And check out these other details that they have implemented into the design of the sneakers! Like Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow on the shoe laces. Just the perfect dose of kawaii!

Or Hello Kitty’s itty bitty paws hanging off the rubber lining of the shoe. A small yet special 3D detail that makes all the difference!

And of course what is a Converse collaboration without some unique customization? Depending on which country you are ordering from, you can customize the color and patterns of your adorable Hello Kitty kicks! How fun does it sound to design your own unique pair of Hello Kitty wear?

It doesn’t just stop at sneakers, Converse and Hello Kitty also collaborated to create kawaii apparel and other accessories!

Here is just one of the adorable shirts that resulted in this insanely cute collab. The periwinkle shade is to die for and right in time of the spring season. And we love the pastel daisies surrounding Hello Kitty in the logo!

They also created these cozy looking hoodies that have a logo printed on the front of the sweater as well as one going down the side of the sleeve!

And lastly, we cannot get enough of these dad hat’s… I mean, just look at them in all their glory. A twist on the classic red cap, there is of course a charming little Hello Kitty logo and the hat is fuzzy! The cuteness overload seems to never stop in this exquisite collab.

Check out Sanrio’s online store and Converse website to see if these items are available in your country!

Which design was your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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