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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture Blog10 Kawaii Items You Can Buy at Daiso!

10 Kawaii Items You Can Buy at Daiso!

By Leilani Middaugh
February 26, 2019

If you have ever visited Japan you have definitely seen the most famous 100 yen chain store, Daiso! Opened in 1977 with over 2,000 stores in Japan and 4,000 stores worldwide, Daiso has become a household name. Not only is almost everything in the store sold for 1 US dollar, but the items are actually useful for everyday life! Selling products such as home-ware items, stationary, clothing and accessories, plants, food and drinks, cleaning products, and more!

And leave in to Japan to make useful items absolutely adorable! There is no need to make these products so darn kawaii but they did just for our enjoyment. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it- I’m just so grateful! Here are our top 10 kawaii items that you can find in Daiso!

1. Erasers

Remember when these fun shaped erasers were all the rage? They come shaped as traditional Japanese foods, drinks, and animals! The best part? These erasers actually work REALLY well. You’ll never need to use your generic, boring erasers again!

2. Pill Case

A kawaii way to travel with your medicine or vitamins! This adorable compact case can fit right into your purse or can be perfect for traveling. It can also hold other small miscellaneous items that are easy to lose!

3. Nail Stickers

If you’re a massive fan of extravagant Japanese nail art but don’t want to break the bank, Daiso offers a wide selection of adorable and sparkly 3D nail stickers! They have several sticker themes to choose from, from cute cat faces to elegant crystals and gems. An easy and affordable way to step up your nail game!

4. Toothbrush protector

Something that I have noticed in Japan is that it is fairly common for women to bring toothbrushes in their purses everywhere they go. It has inspired myself to keep my teeth minty fresh throughout the day as well but I used to just wrap my toothbrush in plastic wrap. These adorable Sanrio cases are clearly going to be replacing that!

5. Contact Lens Case

For those who wear contacts, why use a plain contact lens case when you can use adorable ones featuring kawaii Sanrio characters? Such a cute yet practical item to have- you done it again Daiso!

6. Laundry net

These are perfect for protecting your delicate clothing pieces when doing laundry. Daiso has simple designs but they also have a variety of Disney nets! Once we saw those we couldn’t go back to the regular laundry nets.

7. Origami

Trying to improve upon your Japanese paper folding art skills? Daiso holds an awesome selection of origami sheets with charming prints and patterns! Most of the packs come with around 60~100 sheets for only 100 yen! Want to learn how to fold your favorite kawaii characters like Pikachu and Totoro? Check it out here!

8. Tin Foil

Not only useful and practical, but it also has our favorite lazy egg on it?! AND it is only 100 yen? Done deal. I never thought tin foil could be so EGGstravagant.

9. Hair Turban

This fluffy hair turban is a staple for girls in Japan and South Korea! It is perfect for pushing back all your hair when cleaning your face and it just makes us feel extra kawaii! It makes the “getting un-ready” ritual a little extra cute and special!

10. Face Masks

As many of you may already know, surgical style face masks are widely worn throughout Japan. People commonly use them if they have a cold and don’t want to participate in spreading germs, or to avoid germs in general. Some people even use kawaii ones like this as a fashion statement!

It really is amazing how many kawaii items you can get at the Japanese dollar store and even more impressive that these are items that can provide function in everyday life! With the importance of kawaii culture in Japan, we weren’t that surprised to find such adorable items in our local Daiso! Want to learn more about Japanese culture in Japan? Read our latest blog, What is Kawaii? This Why Japan is Obsessed with Cuteness!

Let us know what your favorite items were in the comments below!

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