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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogThe Cutest BT21 Products You Have to Have

The Cutest BT21 Products You Have to Have

By Terrell
February 03, 2022

If you’re a fan of the K-pop (Korean pop) group BTS, you must know all about the BT21 characters. If you don’t, BT21 is the result of each member of BTS creating an original character for the LINE Friends store along with a team of designers. Since then, the BT21 characters have taken on a whole life of their own along with their creators’ worldwide success, resulting in plenty of BT21 products.

There are seriously so many options out there for members of the BTS ‘Army’ to rep their favorite characters, so it might be hard to choose what you want. So to help you out, we have a list of the cutest BT21 products that we think you’ll love! Let’s get started!

BT21 Glitter Cold Cup

Let’s start off with a super cute item that doubles as a drink buddy. A cold cup is already a super helpful item for the warmer months, especially in the heat of summer. That being said, a cold cup is instantly made cuter when you put one of the BT21 characters, like the dance-loving Mang, on the front. This one in particular features Mang in an adorable martini glass with plenty of purple glitter.

5 different BT21 products with 3 pens that have the BT21 characters in differnt poses and two monitor figures featuring two characters.
BT21 has tons of cute products, but also good quality stationery items like these pens. Image via Shutterstock

Moleskine Hardcover Notebook

While Japanese stationery really just takes the cake in terms of quality, no one can resist a good Moleskine notebook. This hardcover notebook is great for keeping notes while tapping into a kawaii aesthetic (cute aesthetic) with all of the BT21 characters in a red, blue, and white design. We know there are some stationery nuts out there who love BTS, so this is a perfect item for you! 

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Anything BT21 & The Creme

The BTS boys really love their skincare and have even been known to endorse or collab with some of the best Korean sheet masks out there. This time, they’ve collaborated with K-beauty brand The Creme to make plenty of cool BT21 products like face masks, lip tints, and much more–all featuring the cute BT21 characters!

Six BT21 products from their Korean makeup and beauty collaboration with VT featuring the BT21 characters on the front
BT21’s Korean cosmetics collabs are plentiful, like this one with VT cosmetics and the recent one with MediHeal. Image via Shutterstock

BT21 Rose Oil Multi-Use Cream

This is for the fans who want a bit of TLC for their hair, face, or body. Rose oil is a great moisturizing ingredient, so a rose oil cream is great in general. This cute BT21 product features your favorite members on the front (or all of them), so you know they’ll take good care of you!

My Little Buddy Monitor Figures

What’s cuter than a BT21 character? A BT21 character holding a smaller BT21 character! That’s one of the reasons these monitor figures, featuring each member holding a BT21 ‘little buddy’, make it onto this list. Plus, a monitor figure is a simple, surefire way to add a little more kawaii energy to your work or study space.

A Coin Purse 

Coin purses hang on a hook among other BT21 products in a store with the coin purses being in the shape of BT21's Cooky.
Coin purses are always a great way to rep your favorite things, whether it’s BTS, Hello Kitty, or Sailor Moon. Image via Shutterstock

Coins can be really annoying, but they become magically easier to handle when you have a coin purse. These convenient coin purses are designed after the heads of each BT21 character. Because it’s so small and can be used every day, you can easily show people that you’re a part of the BTS ‘Army’.

Baby TV Humidifier

Did you know that our brains are hardwired to feel joy from small, cute things? BT21 tapped into this knowledge and decided to create baby versions of our favorite boy band’s creations. These humidifiers feature the cute babies in an equally cute TV set. A humidifier like this is perfect for the dry winter months and is always fun to look at or fill up.

Airpods Cases

Airpods are small, super convenient, and, unfortunately, easy to lose. Why not let Chimmy or Shooky keep track of them for you? BT21 has plenty of products that can hold or keep track of your wireless headphones. There are plenty of cases out there on sites selling BT21 products, like this Koya Airpods Case!

Any BT21 Plushie

A shelf of plushies featuring the BT21 characters in special Halloween costumes from mad scientists to mummies, some popular BT21 products.
There are BT21 plushies available year-round, but there are others that come and go with the season, like these Halloween versions. Image via Shutterstock

As you all know, we love plushies, and Japanese plushies are particularly known to be super cute. But much like the other BT21 products, their plushies give Japanese ones a run for their money with how cute they are. You can easily take home your favorite character and add them to your collection!

Otaku Lamps LED Light

Whether you need an extra light in your room or a cuter lamp upgrade, these LED lamps are probably one of the coolest BT21 products out there. These lamps feature your favorite BT21 characters in all sorts of poses with an LED light that changes to 16 different colors. It’s also wireless and powered by batteries so you can place it anywhere you like. The LINE store is probably your best bet to get one of these.

This is by no means a list of all of the BTS products out there, and there may be some of your favorites that we missed. If there are, please let us know in the comments below!

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