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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogCute Sanrio Foods Make the Sweetest Treats!

Cute Sanrio Foods Make the Sweetest Treats!

By James
June 24, 2021

One thing that unites people across the globe is…FOOD! We all have to eat, and of course we have our likes and dislikes, and certain foods from childhood or certain locales that we could sing the praises of for days, but if it’s made well most people may tend to agree on what’s good and what’s bad. Food is a great social tool, it brings all sorts of people together and helps to bridge cultures, languages, borders, and even history.

Do you think that your favorite foods say anything about you or your personality, or do you not worry about that and usually just eat whatever’s on hand? And what about how the food is presented or arranged? We’re pretty sure that we all have that one friend who won’t let anyone else eat without taking a bunch of pictures of the food first for instagram (we might even be that friend ourselves, hehe!). That can be somewhat irritating when you’re likely already pretty hungry. But we must admit, with the proliferation of the made-for-insta (or rather, made for the eyes!) meal have come an abundance of beautifully crafted and colorful snacks, beverages, cafe delights, and whole meals that give inspiration to people all over the world, not to mention rumbling bellies!

With this inspiration, entire food industries have sprung out of thin air and made a name for themselves just by the power of word of mouth. The instagram user has the ability to be the best type of marketer there is. There’s a lot of truth in the notion that just one mention, share, or tag on social media by the right person at just the right time can start the ‘careers’ of certain restaurants, cafes, artists, and even fads. How many times have you been scrolling on your phone to see something that looks super delicious or fun and you immediately saved or shared with your friends and added a ‘Ok, we’ve gotta go here asap!’ to the mix? It’s the best way to discover cool new things, right?

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Have you ever wanted to just book a ticket and jump on an airplane to travel somewhere after seeing an awesome post? Or ever wondered what the hottest new trends and crazes are in different countries outside your own? Well, buckle in and we’ll share some of the goodness that is popular on social media regarding food. What is one (albeit of many!) things that Japan is known for worldwide? Well, it goes without saying but always the first on our list is food! But if it’s Japanese food there must be more than just the run of the mill sushi or ramen, right? What are some other elements that could be infused with Japanese foods to make them pop with extra insta-worthy awesomeness? Well, there are things like sumo, kimono, anime, the tea ceremony, and so on, and it’s true that even certain things like these may be incorporated into foods to add a bit of a theme to them. But, let’s go broader! We’re thinking of none other than the world of kawaii!

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Absolutely everything can get the kawaii treatment, even food! And why not? Mixing the usual with a dose of kawaii magic is always a recipe for fun! So just like what maple syrup is to Canada, what fish and chips means to Great Britain, or what burritos are to Mexico, kawaii-themed foods are the ultimate collaboration between two of the heaviest hitters in Japanese culture and are a fun, bright, colorful, and fascinating world to explore!

Let’s focus today on the exciting world of kawaii character themed foods! There are countless cute mascots that decorate all manner of goods in the Land of the Rising Sun. When it comes to food, although some of them are limited-time only, there’s bound to be a themed cafe or themed restaurant that collaborates with the most popular brands and characters like Kirby, Rilakkuma, Sailor Moon, and Pokémon to name just a few. But who could resist a visit to a Sanrio themed eatery? With a full roster of well-loved characters like Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, and My Melody, there is plenty of variety and absolutely something for everyone, no question! So, grab your bento container and let’s do some exploring!


Character Focus: Hello Kitty

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It’s the most important meal of the day, and it’s safe to say that responsibilities don’t officially start until you’ve had yours! Let’s start the day with some Hello Kitty shaped muffins! The flavor and ingredients are up to you! In Japan there are many baking tools in particular that have a Sanrio character shape to give a kawaii flair to your favorite sweet treats! We recommend serving your fruit or chocolate filled muffins with yogurt, juice, and your favorite jam or spread!


Character Focus: Cinnamoroll

image via

Hop by the famous Cinnamoroll Cafe in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district and you’ll be in for a real treat! Try out the ‘Sky Blue Stroganoff’, a hearty dish consisting of sautéed beef in a mushroom & cream sauce colored blue (just like the blue sky that Cinnamoroll comes from!) and anchored by a ‘cloud’ in the likeness of Cinnamoroll’s kawaii face!


Character Focus: Pompompurin

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In Japan you don’t want to miss out on the famed convenience stores! Every week there are new limited-time items that you’ll want to get your hands on, and from time to time it’s you’ll find a flan pudding inspired by Pompompurin himself! They go fast though, so be sure to get your hands on these treats before they’re gone!


Character Focus: Gudetama

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Head to Puroland, Sanrio’s famed indoor theme park that welcomes visitors with its myriad attractions, it’s practically the capital of cute! And the food here of course is not to be missed! A look at the menu may make it hard to order just one plate, but let’s check out the food court and order a Gudetama-themed dish! The options change from time to time, but there’s always a hilarious looking dish with the lazy egg’s likeness on it! Fun, satisfying, and almost too lifelike, you’ll love this special meal!


Character Focus: Hello Kitty

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The day’s final treat is a traditional Japanese dessert menu item! Have a taste of a Hello Kitty Taiyaki! Taiyaki are a sweet treat with red bean paste or custard cream wrapped inside a cute shaped waffle! Warm, crispy on the outside and soft inside, it’s a perfect palate cleanser that isn’t overly sweet. What a delightful way to commemorate a great day of eating the cutest Sanrio foods!

How did you like learning about some of the newest takes on the best kawaii foods in Japan? These foods have gotten so popular via social media that variations of it have crossed borders and you can even find Hello Kitty food trucks and cafes in certain parts of the United States now, for instance! With the nonstop cycle of social media there’s bound to be more and more exciting cute finds like these in more places around the world! Let us know what you’re hoping to see and if you’ve made any similar discoveries in your part of the world!

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