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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogCute Fighting Games: YumeTwins’ Top Four!

Cute Fighting Games: YumeTwins’ Top Four!

By Thalia Harris
November 18, 2022
A pink-haired woman holding a sword behind her back. Many fighting games have made Nintendo history.

Nintendo’s got a lot of cute fighting games in their lineup! From the iconic Super Smash Bros franchise to more niche games featuring Pokemon, fighting games can be just as adorable as they are fun! So if you prefer your brawls to be lighter and softer, YumeTwins’ has got your back!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

For those who don’t know, the long running Super Smash Bros. franchise is the flagship Nintendo fighting game! Instead of the typical 2-D stage (think Street Fighter), Super Smash uses platforms instead! So instead of simply moving up, down, left and right, you can also hide behind platforms and even knock them off the stage entirely!

A render of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, featuring Mario (red hat, blue overall, mustache), Link (Blond, blue tunic sword) and Samus (orange spacesuit, red helmet).
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is one of the most popular platform fighters out there! Image via ComicBook

In addition to this gameplay style, Super Smash is also famous for its robust roster! It features cute Nintendo characters Mario, Kirby and Princess Peach! But it also has characters from across many franchises such as Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Minecraft.  

But with the series’ most recent Ultimate entry, the 76-character base roster absolutely takes the cake! The most recent character entries  include Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and he was well received!

However, the best part about Super Smash Ultimate is the delightful stages and music! Once again, it covers a wide range of franchises and really makes you feel like you’re battling it out in the Nintendo world! While it does have a very strong competitive scene, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is fun for casual gamers too!

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Pokkén Tournament DX (2015-2016)

Pokken Tournament DX is an enhanced version of Pokken which is a 3-D fighting game that features Pokemon!  Unlike 2-D, 3-D allows you to go in all possible directions!  So now you have to duke it out in a lively, circular arena!

This is radically different from traditional Pokemon games, which are turn-based RPGs.  In Pokken, not only can your Pokemon punch and kick, but they can also use their powers without delay! While Pikachu does make an appearance–in both its normal form and pro-wrestler form known as Pikachu Libre–a bunch of other Pokemon get their chance to shine!

A ad for Pokken Tournament DX featuring two Pokemon: Pikachu (electric yellow mouse) and Lucario (tall blue ninja raccoon).
You can fight *as* your favorite Pokemon in this game! Image via Gamer Braves

Notable roster characters include Lucario (Pokken’s fighting/steel mascot), Gengar (the mischievous ghost/poison Pokemon) and Gardevoir (the graceful psychic/fairy Pokemon)! The DX version is now available for Switch, so you can give it a try for yourself!


Arms is another 3-D fighting game from Nintendo, but with motion controls! Also, every character fights with long-range attacks with their weaponized arms! Many critics compare it to Wii Sports, which features the classic boxing minigame! The main difference is that since everyone has weapons for arms, you get to choose your favorite loadouts before each fight!

While the concept is cool, the cast of characters are downright adorable!   Fan favorites include Ribbon Girl, who’s a peppy blonde cheerleader, and Min Min, a girl with literal noodles for arms!  

A shot of Arms character Min0Min throwing a punch. She has automated noodle-like arms. Arms is one of many cute fighting games that people very much enjoy.
Min-Min is a character favorite for Arms! Image via TIME

For those of you who want to take a more casual route, no worries! Arms has a robust single-player experience including “Grand Prix” mode! This mode features mini games where you get to use your opponent as a basketball (“Hoops”), as well as more intense modes like target practice (‘Skillshot”)!

So whether you want to have a fun workout with motion controls, or you want to take the traditional handheld route, Arms is one of many cute fighting games with plenty of fun options!

Skullgirls (2012)

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game where you can play solo or in teams of up to three! While it’s not originally a Nintendo game, it’s available to play on the Nintendo Switch!  The game’s playstyle is heavily inspired by Marvel vs Capcom 2: Age of New Heroes, particularly the tag team mechanics! They suit an array of fighting styles, whether you’re a button masher or an combo master!

The game’s art direction is also very cute and comes from Western comics, Batman: The Animated Series and retro cartoon characters such as Betty Boop. Not to mention, many players deem Skullgirls’ tutorial to be one of the best! So not only can you customize your teams, but you can enjoy the game on both a casual and competitive level!

A screenshot of Skullgirls in-battle. The style is art-deco and cartoony, making it one of the best cute fighting games around!
Skullgirls has been going strong for well over a decade! Image via GG

On top of the great character design and tight controls, Skullgirls’ soundtrack is out of this world!  It borrows elements from jazz which fits perfectly with the game’s art-deco aesthetic! It also has a fully voiced story mode that you can play through on your own!

There’s plenty of other cute fighting games out there! Honorable mentions include Kirby Fighters 2, Arcana Heart and Them’s Fightin’ Herds!  Hopefully you get a chance to try these games out for yourself, if you haven’t already!

Are there any other cute fighting games out there that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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