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10 Must-Have Kawaii Items from Don Quijote

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If you ever visit Japan it would be physically impossible to not run into a Don Quijote store. Don Quijote (also called Donki by locals) is Japan’s most famous discount store known for having well… everything! There are over 160 locations spread through out the country of Japan and it sells items from electronics, groceries, clothing, makeup, and basic products. It is your one-stop-shop for whatever you could possibly need! Don Quijote can stand as an entire outing on your travel itinerary because shopping there is ridiculously entertaining- it’s almost like an amusement park of Japanese products! But we know what all you YumeTwins fam are wondering: do they sell kawaii items? Luckily for you the answer is a big fat YES! They actually sell so many kawaii products that it was a challenge to narrow down a list of our top favorites.  

We have already compiled a list of our top favorite kawaii items from the Japanese dollar store, Daiso in a past blog that you can read here! So here is a list of our 10 favorite kawaii products that can be purchased at Don Quijote!

1. Character Socks

Need a little pep in your step? Once we saw these bad boys we never saw the need for solid colored socks ever again. Never looking back!

2. Disney Princess Lipstick

We are absolute suckers for character makeup collabs so when we saw these Disney Princess lipsticks we just about lost it. How cute?!

3. Kawaii Bento Box

This might actually encourage us to prepare lunches for once! Imagine rolling up to school or work with a Hello Kitty or My Melody bento container! It sounds too good to be true.

4. Chopsticks

To go with the adorable bento box container, you’re going to need a kawaii utensils to complete the set! Donki not only carries Hello Kitty chopsticks but Sanrio fork and spoon sets as well!

5. Nail Clippers

Everyone needs them, so why not get them in the most kawaii design humanly possible?! Who new My Melody would look so adorable on a pair of nail clippers?

6. Sanrio Slippers

We can probably speak for everyone when we say that everyone needs a pair of Gudetama slippers in their lives. Our favorite lazy egg is looking particularly sluggish on these slippers and we are HERE for it!

7. Character Onsies

We were so excited by the amazing selection of onsies they had! They had beloved characters from Sanrio, Pokemon, Minions, and Disney! Seriously, every kawaii character you can think of, you can get a onsie of them at Donki.

8. Silicone Makeup Applicator

Silicone makeup applicators have blown up in the beauty world recently. They don’t soak up product like sponges and brushes tend to and are easy to clean! Also, they are shaped as My Melody and Hello Kitty’s face so we were absolutely sold.

9. Totoro Hand Towel

In Japan, public restrooms don’t always have hand dryers or paper towels so it is essential to carry hand towels. We completely fangirled when we saw these Studio Ghibli hand towels because the designs are so sweet and kawaii! Totoro will always have a special place in our hearts!

10. Sanrio Travel Toothbrush Set

Is this not the most adorable toothbrush travel set you have ever seen? It comes with everything you could possibly need, a compact toothbrush, toothpaste, and kawaii cup to store all the items!

We love that in Japan you can shop at a store for functional everyday items and don’t have to sacrifice your love for kawaii aesthetic! With such an emphasis on kawaii culture in Japan, it isn’t that shocking to find such cute products in our local Don Quijote! Want to learn more about kawaii culture in Japan? Read our latest blog, What is Kawaii? This Why Japan is Obsessed with Cuteness!

Let us know what your favorite items were in the comments below!

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