Who's That Yellow Chick from Rilakkuma?

29 May 2019 by 43a9a9d96ee4057740a34ecfd17c02a879a4e1bb dsc059103 min Kartini

If you're new to the cuteness that is Rilakkuma by San-X, you might still be getting to know all the kawaii cast. Perhaps one you might not know straight away is the enigmatic yellow chick. If you a true fan of Rilakkuma, you probably already know the yellow chick constantly accompanying Rilakkuma alongside Korilakkuma. For those of you that don't, his name is Kiiroitori. This name simply means “yellow bird” in Japanese. Cute, right?  But did you know that sometimes he's described as a “pig-nosed chicken” outside of Japan? It's kind of understandable why when you look at the tiny guy, huh?

Compared to Rilakkuma, he's obviously pretty tiny. But as small as he may be, he has one of the largest personalities! Kiiroitori acts like a wise and mature guy. He also considers himself to be the smartest one of the three, with a hard working attitude. As great as all that sounds he can be a bit of a clean freak, always cleaning up after the other two! When Rillakuma gets too lazy and Korilakkuma gets a little too mischievous, Kiiroitori is there to scold them, but you know, despite his exterior we know there's love there! Unsurprisingly for a bird his home is a cage, but don't worry, he spends more time out and about playing with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.

The trio are basically inseparable, going everywhere together. Where you find Kiiroitori you're almost certain to find Rillakuma and Korilakkuma not too far away. How could he not be when he's the only one capable of keeping the peace! Just check out this juice break they are having together, they couldn't be any cuter!  (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Do you feel like you know Kiiroitori a little better now? I think we can all agree that almost any friend group needs someone like him to keep everyone on the straight and narrow!

Do you have any friends like Kiirotori? Maybe you have a short story about how they have helped you out? Comment below and give them a shout out! Or maybe simply say thanks to them for keeping you in check.

By the way, don’t forget to watch new Rilakkuma stop-motion animation on Netflix. It's sure to be awesome. o(>ω<)o

Oh, and let us know what other characters you want to know about next!

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