Want to write blogs for YumeTwins?

29 March 2019 by 8466411c8defd2a1852a9fa75dd9379b4b13ec87 profile Leilani

Are you a blogger who loves all these kawaii and Japanese? Or maybe you have always wished to be writer? We are looking for guest bloggers to write on our YumeTwins news page!

Here at YumeTwins we love keeping our subscribers up to date with kawaii news through our blogs! Not only do we strive for our blogs to be informative but we also try to make the topics fun and entertaining! One of the best parts about writing blogs is that you can express your personality while writing about topics you LOVE! We would love to give our subscribers the chance to share their talents as well as showcase their interests in Japanese kawaii culture.

Some examples of topics that we cover in our blog page include:

- Japanese characters such as characters from Sanrio, San-x, Nintendo, and so on

- Japanese anime such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Studio Ghilbi films, and more

- Kawaii Japanese Pop Culture

Of course, these are just a few examples and we are not bound to only these concepts! We would love to hear about your suggestions and ideas for blogs as well! Never be afraid to think outside of the box:)

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please leave a link to a sample of your blog in the comments! We are really looking forward to reading through your articles and even more thrilled to expand our YumeTwins family! After looking through your submissions we will be contacting you quickly after.

Much love!