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YumeTwins Member Spotlight #3

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Hey YumeTwins Fam!

Today marks our third Member Spotlight feature! We’ll be shining a light on unique members of our community going forward, so please stay tuned and join in the fun!

Name: Leandra Campbell

Age: 25

From: Maryland, USA

Favorite Kawaii Character: Aggretsuko

Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts or Pokemon

Favorite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura

1) How did you first discover kawaii culture?
Probably around the time I discovered anime when I was 13/14. A lot of it bled into each other so I started looking at things like the phone charms and merchandise.

2) How did you first hear about YumeTwins?
December of 2019. I think an ad popped up on my webpage and they were advertising the Pokemon Parade and the Pokemon luggage tag and since I was going to be traveling over that Winter break, I had an immediate need for one.

3) What made you decide to join our community?
My last experience with a subscription box wasn’t that great. Their website interface was basic with no way of doing much other than choosing your shirt size and they didn’t even tell you when you paid because when I cancelled, they didn’t even tell me until after that my card was going to be charged since I apparently cancelled after they charged me. With YumeTwins, everything was laid out: when I paid, what my plan was, items coming in the box, this is where you can ask questions, this is where you can cancel your plan. Plus there were things in this box I actually enjoyed getting.

4) How do you usually enjoy the items in your box? Are you a collector, do you share with friends and family, etc?
A lot of the stationery items I use. I’ve finished school but am working as a freelance Stage Manager and a lot of the stuff ended up in my SM Kit. When I’ve gotten doubles I’ve shared it with my niece if it was Sanrio and a few of the things ended up as gifts to my friends for Christmas. A lot of the stuff is so useful like dishware that was a godsend when I moved and containers that make organizing easy.

5) What was your favorite YumeTwins box so far?
Probably the Ghibli boxes from 2020. I love Ghibli films so it was so nice to get stuff from different movies.

6) What is your favorite item from a YumeTwins box?
Hard question. I love the clear files I’ve gotten, they make it so easy when going for interviews and my resume isn’t squished. But I also love the lunchbox and different food containers.

7) What is your favorite thing about YumeTwins?
How obvious they care. It’s so easy to ask a question, sometimes even in the comments of social media and get an answer. Also the community it’s created. Seeing the reposted pictures of all the other subscribers enjoying their box in so many different ways is amazing. Not to mention, you can learn different things from them, like one of the people reuse their YumeTwin boxes and make them into shelves. I would have never thought of that!

8) What is a future theme you’d like to see us create?
Magical Girl. I missed out on Sailor Moon items when I had to stop for a little while and I feel like only bonus buyers get the Cardcaptor stuff, so it’d be cool to have a whole box dedicated to Magical Girls.

9) What kawaii items would you like to see more of in the future?
Stationery and universal tech items (that can safely ship).

10) What is your favorite part of Japanese culture besides kawaii culture?
I love the fashion, so many styles. Also, the fact that there’s a cafe for everything.

11) Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what was the best part of your trip? If not, what would you like to do the most if you plan on visiting?
I haven’t been to Japan (yet) but I really want to try on a proper kimono. My cousin had gotten me one when I was a kid, but the design wasn’t very cute, so I’d like to have a choice this time. I’d also love to go down to Akihabara and check out the gachapon machines.

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