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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogYumeTwins Member Spotlight #1

YumeTwins Member Spotlight #1

By Tanner Schroeder
June 25, 2021

Hey YumeTwins Fam!

Today marks our first ever Member Spotlight feature! We’ll be shining a light on unique members of our community going forward, so please stay tuned and join in the fun!

Name: Kathryn H.

Age: 25

Favorite Kawaii character: Chococat & Tokage

Favorite video game: Kingdom Hearts & Animal Crossing

Favorite anime: Naruto & Fruits Basket

Favorite YumeTwins item: Mameshiba Sakura Puppy and Sakura Ecobag (and anything Tokage)

Q: How did you first discover kawaii culture?
A: I got into kawaii culture at a very early age as my parents unintentionally got me into anime; specifically Sailor Moon. From then I was introduced to Hello Kitty and a cute Korean brand called Orange Story and I’ve been into kawaii culture ever since.

Q: How did you first hear about YumeTwins?
A: I found out about YumeTwins in 2017; I finally decided to try at least 3 different subscription boxes. I knew I wanted to try Japan Crate and DokiDoki Crate but I still needed a third one. I asked my friends on Facebook to help me find another one and one of my friends recommended YumeTwins to me because they had recently just got their box for it and showed me what they got. I instantly loved what they got and looked into it and loved the theme they had for their next box and subscribed right away. So far, YumeTwins is the only box I’m currently still subscribed to.

Q: What made you decide to join our community?
A: Honestly I love the community itself. It’s hard to find an honest and kind place to share and help others find and discuss kawaii culture. I love helping others with their questions and making new friends to discuss with and find new kawaii items.

Q: How do you usually enjoy the items In your box? Are you a collector, do you share with friends and family?
A: I definitely keep all my items. But I’m kind of both, really. I collect items and display them throughout my room and home. The plushies are on my bed and shelves. Stationery items on my desk, and kitchen & bathroom items in their appropriate places. Other items I keep in special storage bins for when I need them, such as bags, holiday, and outdoor themed items.

Q: What is your favorite YumeTwins Box so far?
A: My current favourite boxes are Sakura Wonderland and Yume Slayer. I love sakura-themed items and the Mameshiba plush was absolutely adorable! And having an anime themed box was amazing. I also have a good feeling the current box Summertime Kawaii will be my new favourite; I’m excited for all the items coming!

Q: What is your favorite item from a YumeTwins Box?
A: I have a couple of items that are my favourite including one of my first ever items; my orange mocchiizu plush cat and the Mameshiba Sakura puppy.

Q: What is your favorite thing about YumeTwins?
A: Everything! This is the one subscription box I’ve never unsubcribed from, I love the products I’ve received from the absolute kawaii to the amazing quality of each item. They have so many things I never though to every buy or items I’ve never seen before.

Q: What is a future theme you’d like to see us create?
A: I really enjoyed the Demon Slayer themed box and would love to see future anime boxes in the future, whether that be a 1-themed anime or multiple animes in one box. I’d also love to see some 80s or 90s nostalgic boxes or some catered to more everyday use items like stationery or household items.

Q: What kawaii items would you like to see more of in the future?
A: I would love more practical items that would get more everyday usage. I love getting stationery and household items. I love my plushies but I’m running out of room. Lol. I’d also like to see kawaii characters I’ve probably never heard of.

Q: What is your favorite part of Japanese culture besides kawaii culture?
A: Honestly, everything! I love the food, history, language, fashion and more. I honestly love everything about the country. I was lucky that my mom loved all of Japanese culture (besides the kawaii part) so we would talk about it all the time.

Q: Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what was the best part of your trip? If not, what would you like to do the most if you plan on visiting?
A: I haven’t been yet, sadly; but I’m currently saving up to go for 2 weeks when I finish saving up. (It’s part of a huge trip I’m taking with my best friends – it’s part of a 5 country trip with Japan being the last and longest part of the trip)! I’m super excited to finally be able to go and I’m planning everything to the last detail of where we’re going. I have a lot of kawaii destinations!

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