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YumeTwins Member Spotlight #2

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Hey YumeTwins Fam!

Welcome to our second Member Spotlight feature! We’ll be shining a light on unique members of our community going forward, so please stay tuned and join in the fun!

Name: Keely H.

Age: 21

From: Canada

Favorite Kawaii Character: Gudetama

Favorite Video Game: Animal Crossing

Favorite Anime: Magical Girl Raising Project

1) How did you first discover kawaii culture?
I was in and out of it from a young age, having many Hello Kitty and Hamtaro themed items when I was younger. I got back into kawaii culture back in high school through anime and cute games like Animal Crossing and Pokémon. The more I watched and played, the more things I got into. Now I’m obsessed with all things kawaii!

2) How did you first hear about YumeTwins?
I had seen it in an ad on Instagram, and specifically the Animal Crossing promos from July 2020’s box caught my eye. I’ve been subscribed ever since!

3) What made you decide to join our community?
The like-minded people, the community’s kindness, and everyone’s common love for all things Japan.

4) How do you usually enjoy the items in your box? Are you a collector, do you share with friends and family, etc?
I love collecting and displaying the items, and my favourite of them all are the practical things. The shopping bags, ice packs, and Tupperware get loads of use! I admit, most things I do keep, but on occasion a friend or family will take or borrow my goodies ~

5) What was your favorite YumeTwins box so far?
I would have to say the August 2020 box. The amount of cuteness combined with practicality blew me away. I use every single item all the time that I got from that box!

6) What is your favorite item from a YumeTwins box?
The big huge Eevee bag that I got in (you guessed it) my August 2020 box. I use it nearly every day. It’s so big, durable, and beyond cute!

7) What is your favorite thing about YumeTwins?
Definitely having the pleasant array of surprises. Receiving my box never fails to put a smile on my face!

8) What is a future theme you’d like to see us create?
I would love to see an Animal Crossing themed box. Or perhaps a magical girl theme! (I am also never against more Pokémon themed boxes!)

9) What kawaii items would you like to see more of in the future?
Practical yet super cute stuff always gets me excited. The more use I can get out of my kawaii items, the better!

10) What is your favorite part of Japanese culture besides kawaii culture?
I would have to say the otaku culture. I am a big nerd and love anime, manga, video games, and arcades!

11) Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what was the best part of your trip? If not, what would you like to do the most if you plan on visiting?
I have never been to Japan, but I dream of going sometime in the near future. I would love to explore the cities and countryside alike. Everything there just seems so beautiful, it would be surreal to see it all in person!

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