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YumeTwins | January 2020 Theme – Tokyo Disney Parade

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Warm wishes to the Yumetwins family!

It’s that exciting time of year when many people are busy with preparation but looking forward to the hope and possibility that a new year promises! What kinds of traditions are you keen to celebrate this month? We hope that however your spend your festivities you'll have a joyous time surrounded by love, family, and friends. This month we've prepared a festive welcome to 2020 with our bright and cheerful Tokyo Disney Parade box!

A Japanese New Years

The New Years holiday (お正月;oshougatsu) is traditionally the biggest event in the Japanese calendar. Preparation starts early, and many people clean their homes from top to bottom until they're spick-and-span. It's the goal of many people to have the lowest amount of work possible to do on January 1st, and as a result, much food preparation is done beforehand as well. Most people tend to be on holiday from work for a few days during this season, and they ring in the new year with their families in a very peaceful atmosphere. This is in contrast to the glitzy parties that are usual in many countries. How do you celebrate the arrival of a new year in your country? Would you like to experience oshougatsu in Japan someday?


Despite the quiet atmosphere that comes with New Years in Japan, the postal service has its busiest day of the year on January 1st. Why is this? The majority of people in Japan write special New Years postcards called nengajou to their friends and family to serve as the first official greeting of the new year. And keeping with tradition, these postcards are gathered and organized throughout December, and then delivered all at once to virtually every single household in the country on December 1st. 


What kinds of designs are featured on nengajou? Well, it's really up to you! Some people like to design their own with online tools offered by Japan Post, while others are happy to go shopping for their favorite cute ones in stores. Generally though, the most popular themes tend to be of the new year's Chinese Zodiac animal. For 2020, the Zodiac animal is the mouse! There are all sorts of fun mouse motifs that you'll be able to find, and everyone's beloved Mickey & Minnie Mouse play a big part in our Tokyo Disney Parade YumeTwins theme for January, helping us all to welcome good luck in the new year! 

It will be a busy month ahead for everyone, but we wish you the best of health and happiness as you ring in the new year with your loved ones. And if you try your hand at any Japanese New Year dishes, we'd love to hear about it with #yumetwins on social media!

YumeTwins is the gift that keeps on giving!

Do you know about the bonus perks that come with a YumeTwins subscription? Not only will you receive a box filled with kawaii goodness, but you always have a chance to win our YumePrize! Subscribe now to be automatically entered for a chance to win this awesome prize which includes a whole bundle of goodies worth over $500! Join the YumeTwins family this month to be entered to win January's YumePrize, featuring exclusive items from Disney Japan with plenty of familiar faces such as Mickey, Minnie, and the whole gang!

For additional chances to win even MORE fun prizes, we encourage you to participate in January's Photo Contest! Each month we select 1-2 Grand Prize winners & 5 runners-up who will get YumeTwins boxes and other kawaii prizes. This month you have a chance of winning exclusive prizes from Disney Japan. You'll find more information on how to enter the Photo Contest in the January booklet that comes with your box.

We wish you the very best of luck as the year comes to a close and we get ready for a new one to begin! And be sure to subscribe to YumeTwins to start the year on a joyous note!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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