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YumeTwins | September 2020 Theme – Crafty ‘n Cute

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Introducing our 'Crafty 'n Cute' box theme!

Dear YumeTwins Fam,

Rather than going out to buy something new, at times there's nothing better than investing your energy in creating and crafting things that you can call your own! Whether you've had a sudden spark of imagination or you'd like to put some new skills to the test, making your concept tangible through DIY is the way to go!

Everyone has original ideas, and once you've found inspiration there's no stopping you! Focusing on DIY projects big or small can reduce stress, sharpen your skills, save money, utilize your resources, and even make new friends who share the same interests! That's why we're so happy to introduce our Crafty ‘n Cute box to you!

No matter if you're doing a little patchwork to bring a garment back to new, or working on a weeks-long creative endeavor, YumeTwins is here to support you with useful and practical tools to be used time and again for all sorts of projects! Never stop sharing your vision with the world!

Be sure to stay tuned to YumeTwins social media for our item reveals!

YumeTwins is the gift that keeps giving!

Do you know about the bonus perks that come with a YumeTwins subscription? Not only will you receive a box filled with kawaii goodness, but each month our subscribers have a chance to win our Yume Prize! Subscribe now to be automatically entered for a chance to win this awesome prize which includes a whole bundle of 11 different goodies worth over $300! September's Yume Prize features Japan-exclusive Sumikko Gurashi gifts! Prizes range from plushies, cushions, stationery, a makeup box, puzzle, DIY toys, towels + more!

For additional chances to win even MORE fun prizes, we encourage you to participate in September's Photo Contest! Each month we select 1-2 Grand Prize winners & 5 runners-up who will get YumeTwins boxes and other kawaii prizes! This time, you'll have a chance of winning exclusive Crayon Shin-chan prizes such as a Shiro the Dog plushie or the comfiest Mokomoko fluffy socks! You'll find more information on how to enter the Photo Contest in the booklet that comes with your box!

You can follow us on social media for updates on reveal items, promotions and contests! Check out our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Interested in the YumeTwins 'Crafty 'n Cute' box? Get yours now!

Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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