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Who is Koupenchan?

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Do you like penguins? If your answer is yes, you have to check out the super cute penguin character: Koupenchan, inspired by a baby emperor penguin and designed by illustrator Rurutea. The character encourages you with simple sentences like "Did you wake up? Good job!". Koupenchan's video are about the daily life of the little penguin, you're guaranteed to feel happy after watching it!

Chances are that you have seen Koupenchan merchandise but what do you actually know about the characters? We'll tell you a little about the little Pinguin, his friend and his enemy!

1. Koupenchan

Koupenchan, the main character obviously is a baby emperor penguin who likes to relax, watch flowers and eating good food. We can all relate to this cute little fella!

2. Shima Enaga

This white, round, and small bird has the opposite personality of Koupenchan. Even though he doesn't look like it, Shima Enaga is quite evil. He likes to swear and wants to conquer the world.

3. Aderi san

Even though he looks rather intimidating and can be impatient and rough. Aderi san is a penguin with a kind heart and also a good cook!

Koupenchan has already conquered Japan with its cuteness but the rest of the world yet has to learn about him. There's little information about Koupenchan available in English and also the merchandise is often limited to Japan.

Of course here at Yumetwins we try to curate the best kawaii items for you so stay tuned for any future Koupenchan goodies!

Have you heard of Koupenchan and the cartoon? Would you add Koupenchan to your list of most kawaii characters? Let us know what you think about this kawaii character in the comments below!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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