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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogWho is Koupenchan?

Who is Koupenchan?

By Eunike
May 14, 2019
An illustration of three baby penguins in pink, green and blue.

Who is Koupenchan? It’s a cute baby penguin mascot! This delightful character captures the essence of a baby emperor penguin and was skillfully crafted by illustrator Rurutea!

One of Koupenchan’s endearing traits is its ability to offer encouragement through simple yet impactful phrases, like the uplifting “Did you wake up? Good job!” It’s an absolute treat for penguin enthusiasts and anyone who could use a dose of heartwarming positivity.

Koupenchan: The Cute Baby Penguin

Koupenchan is the star of the show, a cute baby emperor penguin that everyone loves. People of all ages can relate to his adorable qualities. He really likes taking it easy and being calm. This charming penguin feels best when he enjoys simple things, like sitting near pretty flowers or eating yummy food. Koupenchan’s choices remind us how we all want to feel comfy and happy.

Who is Koupenchan? It is drinking a red bowl of miso soup.
It also loves miso soup! Image via Amino Apps

When we see this friendly character having fun with nature and enjoying tasty meals, we feel like we know him. Koupenchan is just like us when we want to rest and enjoy the good stuff in life.

This little emperor penguin helps us remember the importance of taking a break, seeing the good things around us, and being happy about the little moments. Koupenchan shows us that even simple things can make us happy, which we should remember daily!

Shima Enaga: The Mysterious White Bird

In a big difference from Koupenchan, who is calm and friendly, we meet Shima Enaga. Shima Enaga is a mystery. Even though it looks like a small, round, white bird, it acts unexpectedly. Under its innocent look, there’s a surprising secret—it’s not as innocent as it seems. This bird can be mean sometimes and wants big things. Unlike Koupenchan, who likes nature and good food, he says bad words and has big dreams.

Koupenchan finds happiness in simple things like flowers and tasty meals, but Shima Enaga wants to be powerful. It wants to control the whole world, which differs significantly from what Koupenchan wants. These two characters, Koupenchan and Shima Enaga, show us that people can have many sides to them. Looks can be tricky, and there’s more to a person’s personality than what we see at first.

Shima Enaga, a round white bird, who has an evil laugh.
Shima Enaga wants to take over the world! Image via Learning Japanese with Koupen-chan

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Aderi-san: The Tough Chef with a Heart of Gold

At first look, Aderi-san might seem tough and a little impatient, making him seem intimidating. But underneath that tough exterior is a penguin with a big heart full of kindness and a surprising talent for cooking.

Aderi-san’s true self is more than you see on the surface. He cares a lot about others, even though he can sometimes be impatient. He shows genuine empathy in how he treats people, strengthening his relationships. He’s an exciting mix of being rough at times and kind, which makes people interested in him.

A tall penguin named Aderi-san with a green scarf.
Aderi-san loves to cook, and is a kind penguin. Image via Learning Japanese with Koupen-chan

What makes Aderi-san even more incredible is how good he is at cooking. Even though he might look serious, he loves and is skilled at cooking. He turns the kitchen into a place of magic, creating delicious flavors that make people happy.

Aderi-san’s journey from seeming harsh to being a caring cook shows that you can’t judge someone only by their appearance. It reminds us that people are full of surprises and have many sides to them, just like Aderi-san.

Why do people like Koupenchan?

Koupenchan’s unique charm has won the hearts of Japan, making everyone fall in love with how cute it is. But many people around the world still haven’t discovered this wonderful character. Even though Koupenchan is super popular in Japan, not many people know about him! And it’s not easy to find things with Koupenchan on them in other countries. This makes fans want to get their hands on stuff that reminds them of this happy and lovable penguin.

A Koupenchan plushie at a local cafe.
Koupenchan even has themed cafes! Image via Nooks and Penguins

While we all wait to learn more about Koupenchan, it’s pretty clear that people everywhere are very interested in this special penguin. Have you had the chance to see how cute Koupenchan is? You can share your thoughts and tell us if you think Koupenchan is adorable! We’d love to hear what you think!

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