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The Top 10 Cutest Water-Type Pokémon

By James
April 05, 2021

From all the elemental types in Pokémon, water types are definitely bubbly, round in design and many of them have a type or shade of baby blue in their character design.  Most water Pokémon designs are inspired by real-life aquatic animals. If you think seals, sea lions, goldfish, ducks, and jellyfishes are the most adorable things living on this earth, we should look at their Pokémon counterparts as well.

In this post, we want to introduce you to the top ten cutest water-type Pokémon. These cute Pokémon are not listed in any particular order of cuteness but they do give us the first initial impression: ‘how cute!’ which made them qualified to be in this on this list.

1. Squirtle

Squirtle from Pokemon Generation 1

One of the classic starter Pokémon that took over the world—Squirtle is definitely a fan favorite. In the anime, Squirtle has a bubbly rather mischievous character compared to Ash’s other Pokémon. He was initially the leader of the Squirtle Squad, which was a group of pranksters before joining Ash’s party. However, Squirtle continues to mature and becomes loyal to Ash and his party has strong leadership, and still remains lovable.

Squirtle retract itself in the shell when it is in danger and attacks by spraying water out. The Pokedex entries comment on its resilient shell that “is not merely used for protection. The shell’s rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in the water, enabling this POKéMON to swim at high speeds.”

2. Psyduck

Psyduck from Generation 1 of Pokemon

Psyduck is the original duck Pokémon and is an original favorite of many. His confused face, large eyes, and three black hairs make Psyduck so lovable. The most well-known Psyduck is Misty’s Psyduck who got accidentally caught by her.  Some of the opinions say that stems from its constant headaches due to his psychokinetic powers, others say his expressionless look lulls the enemy, another says that he forgets when he uses his powers. Whatever it is, the Psyduck is not only nostalgic but definitely cute!

3. Corsola

Corsola from Pokemon Generation 2

Corals anyone? Corsola’s habitat is in the south seas with clean, warm water. Prehistorically they lived in the Galar region, but they are often found in Alola. Like natural coral, they are the homes of other smaller Pokémon. It is beautiful, not only in color and shape. The tip of its head is the prize of all, even though it continuously sheds and grows. When a branch breaks off, it quickly grows as quickly as in three days.  Corsola’s branches are shiny and colorful under sunlight and are believed to “promote safe childbirth”.

4. Quagsire

Quagsire from Pokemon Generation 2

Quagsire looks like the Baymax version of the ocean. He has a rounded design and a perpetual smile on its face. His paws are rounded as well. Apparently, its body is slippery, like a dolphin perhaps. According to multiple Pokedex entries, Quagsire’s personality is generally laid back and quite an airhead. It tends to bump on other objects when swims such as boats and the bottom of the river. It is sluggish and lazy—it leaves its mouth open waiting for food to come in.

5. Chinchou

Chincour from Pokemon Generation 2

Chinchou is also known as the Angler Pokémon—have you ever since a picture of an Angler fish? The real thing is a fright! In the Pokémon world, the creators have turned the deep-water fish with multiple sharp teeth into this adorable circular fellow with two light/electric antennae on its head. True to its source, Chinchou lives deep under the ocean with its lights as its only means of communication. It generates a large surge of electrical power so it also makes itself tingle, which makes the cross-eyed Chinchou much more endearing.

6. Clamperl

Clamperl from Pokemon Generation 3

Clamperl is not only charming but is quite mysterious. It creates a pearl that has psychic abilities. This pearl is not only filled with mystery but also precious—according to the Pokedex “it can be more than 10 times as costly as Shellder’s pearls”. Despite its appearance, Clamperl is carnivorous and it fastens down its prey until it stops moving. Venus flytrap under the sea type?

7. Spheal

Spheal from Pokemon Generation 3

Instead of walking or swimming, the Spheal rolls to get around. Its circular body is not the ideal shape for swimming. Mostly when the ice begins to dissolve due to the warmer season, Spheals could be spotted rolling on ice and crossing the ocean. Its fluffy fur helps it keep warm as it rolls on ice. It is naturally part of a herd and has a leading Walrein in its troops. One very cute fact about a Spheal is that they clap to show pleasure. So, when a group of Spheals eats it could be quite boisterous.

8. Oshawott

Oshawott from Pokemon Generation 5

One of the newer starter Pokemon in the fifth generation—Oshawott looks like a Yuru character that slightly reminds me of a panda instead of an otter sometimes. The shell in the middle of its stomach is called a scalchop, which has the same elemental composition as its claws. It could detach the sclchop and use it as a weapon and slashes the enemy. A very cute fact about this ‘shell weapon’ is that Qshawott uses it to break hard berries as well. Definitely functional!

9. Panpour

Panpour from Pokemon Generation 5

Panpour is a monkey-like water Pokemon that lives on land. This smiling nutrient-filled Pokémon gives water to plants that help them grow large. It actually stores water in its tuft of hair that looks like a cloud. It shoots water through its tail. It keeps itself hydrated by shooting itself with water from its tail. Due to its water-giving abilities, it cannot live in dry places.

10. Ducklett

Ducklett from Pokemon Generation 5

Just by its name, Ducklett is the Pokémon version of a duck. Like some ducks, the Ducklett can dive and swim. While the Ducklett can fly, it is better at swimming than flying. It uses its wings for offense, and according to the Pokedex, “when attacked, it uses its feathers to splash water, escaping under the cover of the spray”.

In the world of Pokémon, there are many very cute characters to pick, train, and start your adventure in. Trainers choose Pokémon because of their skill list, their attributes, and their stats. Another fun way to choose and organize your party is choosing the cutest Pokémon in your inventory. Abilities are more than skin deep, but you have to admit, the cuter your pokemon are, grinding for experience points, battling other trainers, and exploring the vast world becomes a tad bit more enjoyable. Why not choose some of the cute water pokemon above and start a new adventure?

Are there other water-type pokemon you insist should be part of this list? Which pokemon in this do you love and adore? What pokemon generation do you love the most? What game are you currently playing and which starter pokemon did you choose? Feel free to tell us about your Pokemon adventures!

Photos: “Pokemon” – The Pokemon Company

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