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The Top 10 Cutest Electric-Type Pokemon

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When we talk about Pokemon, one of the first names which come to mind is Pikachu. Pikachu is not only cute and cuddly but also pretty electrifying. In fact, Pikachu falls into the category of an electric type Pokemon. The cute electric Pokemon not only shock their opponents with their unbounded energy, but their cuteness makes people go aw.

With more than 1,000 Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, it’s really difficult to shortlist. However, here are some of the most popular cute electric Pokemon.

1. Alolan Raichu

One of the cutest clones of the original Pikachu, Alolan Raichu has a long tail and brown-white spiky ears. Introduced in Generation VII, it is an electric cum psychic Pokemon. It is also the final form of Pichu and an evolution of Pikachu. When Pikachu is exposed to a Thunderstorm. It also loves pancakes. 

2. Emolga

If you find squirrels cute, you will definitely love Emolga. It is one of the cutest forms of a flying type Pokemon. Inspired by its real-world counterpart of flying squirrels. Emolga is sneaky and very fast and has surprisingly powerful attacking capabilities. Though almost a Pikachu clone, it has big round ears and round cheeks, and its appearance makes it very popular. 

3. Joltik

Based on a spider, introduced in Generation V, Joltik is a bug like electric Pokemon and is pretty tiny. Being the smallest in existence it can’t generate its own electricity. So, it absorbs the static electricity of other Pokemons and stores the energy in an electric pouch attached to its body. Even though it's a spider, this little guy is pretty adorable. So even if you have arachnophobia this Pokemon may just win your hearts.

4. Mareep

Sheep may be the most adorable of all animals. The fluffiness of the sheep makes them cute and that’s inherited in their pokemon forms. Mareep is one of the cutest wool-covered electric sheep. The other one being Wooloo. Like a sheep, Mareep is gentle and peaceful and tends to avoid battle, which only adds on to its cuteness. Mareep’s wool is white with a shade of yellow and blue skin which contrasts well. It also has an orange sphere in its tail which acts as a bulb & burns brighter with more electricity stored in its wool. It looks adorable when it flops down on its belly during an attack.

5. Pachirisu

Similar to Emolga, Pachirisu is also a squirrel and has a small white body with the tail double the size of its body. It has short limbs but is highly energetic, playful and fast.

6. Pichu

Pichu is actually a baby Pokemon and the pre-evolution of Pikachu that resembles the tiny mouse baby. It is pretty playful and mischievous. Pichu enjoys being in groups. As it’s a baby Pokemon, it is not able to control the electricity it generates and releases it continuously when scared or excited. One of the cutest forms for Pichu is when it dons a hat.

7. Pikachu

One of the most popular figures that was voiced by Ryan Reynolds in his own movie and is also the face of the franchise. Pikachu is an electric mouse Pokemon that stores electricity in its red cheek pouches. It communicates with other Pikachus using electric signals. Though not the most powerful of the lot, it still is one of the cutest forms of Pokemon.

8. Shinx

Shinx is a small mammal, representing a small little lion cub. It has electric cheeks and a cute tuft of hair on top of its head. It has glowing fur, which can be used as a diversion or as a defense. They can generate several magnitudes of electricity. However, like Pichu, it is not able to control the energy.

9. Dedenne

Who doesn't love a cute hamster? Dedenne is a Pokemon inspired by the hamster. Introduced in Generation VI, it is a fairy electric type hybrid pokemon. With round black ears, yellow body, black eyes and a tiny nose, its cuteness increases when it starts to use its upper whiskers like an antenna. The lower whiskers generate the electricity, though not much. It however, can soak up the electricity from other electric type pokemons.

10. Yamper

The list ends with the Pokemon which resembles a dog, Yamper. Introduced in the Generation VIII, this electric type quadrupedal Pokemon has a brown body and a yellow fluff around its neck. Its ears are yellow surrounded by light green and a yellow bolt-shaped tail and a heart-shaped pattern on its rear end. Yamper has an organ which generates electricity from the base of its tail. But it cannot store it, so when it runs, sparks literally fly.

Are there other electric-type pokemon you insist should be part of this list? Which pokemon in this do you love and adore? What pokemon generation do you love the most? What game are you currently playing and which starter pokemon did you choose? Feel free to tell us about your Pokemon adventures!

Photos: "Pokemon" – The Pokemon Company

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