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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogThe Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Cherry Blossom Petals in Japan!

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Cherry Blossom Petals in Japan!

By Thalia Harris
May 11, 2023
Cherry blossom petals swirling around in the blue sky.

Cherry blossom season is a magical time in Japan that calls for celebration and enjoyment! With cherry blossom petals in full bloom, the scenery is picturesque and a sight to behold! As experts on all things kawaii, YumeTwins is here to help you make the most of this beautiful season!

Whether you’re looking for the best anime to watch, the perfect sakura-themed snacks to indulge in, or the cutest sakura-themed accessories to rock, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dive headfirst into the enchanting world of cherry blossom petals with YumeTwins!

Can I enjoy afternoon tea during cherry blossom season?

Yes! Many hotels and restaurants in Tokyo offer unique sakura-themed afternoon tea sets during cherry blossom season. These sets often include delicate cherry blossom-flavored desserts, traditional tea, and other tasty treats.

One popular spot for sakura-themed afternoon tea is the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo. Their “Sakura Afternoon Tea” set features cherry blossom-infused delicacies like macarons, tarts, and a unique blend.

A bunch of pink sakura cakes and sweets with a cup of tea.
Many hotels and cafes offer delicious sakura afternoon tea sets! Image via Shutterstock

Another great spot for afternoon tea during cherry blossom season is the ANA InterContinental Tokyo. Their “Sakura Afternoon Tea Buffet” includes a wide variety of sweet and savory options, all with a beautiful sakura twist.

Of course, there are many other places in Tokyo where you can enjoy a lovely afternoon tea during cherry blossom season. So watch for special menus and events, and don’t miss your chance to indulge in this delightful Japanese tradition!

What can I do for Easter in Tokyo?

If you find yourself in Tokyo during Easter, you might wonder how to celebrate the holiday in this bustling city. As a niche holiday in Japan, there are still some ways to celebrate Easter!

One way to celebrate it is by attending a mass or service at one of the city’s many churches. Many churches in Tokyo offer Easter services in English, so check their websites for schedules and details.

A woman wearing Easter bunny ears and taking pictures.
Cherry blossom season beings around the same time as Easter! Image via Shutterstock

Another way to celebrate Easter is by enjoying a festive meal. Many restaurants in Tokyo offer Easter-themed menus during the holiday season. From egg-shaped desserts to savory dishes with lamb, you can find a wide range of Easter-inspired cuisine throughout the city.

If you want something more family-friendly, visit one of Tokyo’s many amusement parks. While not explicitly Easter-themed, places like Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea offer a fun and magical experience for all ages.

While Easter may not be a widely celebrated holiday in Tokyo, there are still plenty of ways to mark the occasion and enjoy the season!

What cute spring foods are there to eat in Japan?

One popular springtime treat is sakura mochi, a sweet pink mochi (sticky rice cake) filled with sweet red bean paste wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf. These are not only tasty but also beautiful to look at and are available at many supermarkets and convenience stores during the season.

A plate of sakura mochi, which is a snack the people enjoy while gazing at the cherry blossom petals falling.
Sakura mochi is one of the most iconic cute cherry blossom treats ever! Image via Shutterstock

If you’re looking for something refreshing, try a sakura-themed beverage! Starbucks Japan often releases limited edition sakura drinks, such as Sakura Milk Latte or Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino, which are popular with locals and tourists alike.

And, of course, we must remember the iconic character-themed food and drinks available at various theme parks and cafes in Japan. There are plenty of kawaii options, from Hello Kitty-shaped burgers to Gudetama-themed sweets. Overall, Japan offers a wide variety of cute and tasty springtime foods!

Are you looking for even more ways to enjoy the spring? Check out YumeTwins, the monthly subscription box that delivers branded kawaii items and kawaii culture right to your door. 

What cute Japanese fashion should I wear during the spring?

 You can embrace the season and look your best by adding sakura-themed accessories, wearing pastel colors, incorporating flowy fabrics, donning a traditional kimono or yukata, and pairing your outfits with cute socks and shoes. 

Adding a touch of sakura to your outfit with hairpins, earrings, or a handkerchief is always a great idea. Soft pastel colors like pink, lavender, and mint green are perfect for spring! Flowy skirts and dresses in light, airy fabrics like chiffon, lace, or cotton will keep you comfortable and stylish. 

A woman wearing spring Japanese fashion in the form of a light purple shirt, a blue miniskirt and holding a bouquet of flowers.
Springtime isn’t just for florals–it’s also for bright colors! Image via Shutterstock

Traditional kimonos come in lighter versions called yukatas. They are perfect for warmer weather and often feature beautiful pastel shades and floral patterns. Completing your spring look with ankle socks, frilly socks, or lace-up flats will add a touch of elegance. 

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even sport some anime-themed jewelry while enjoying the cherry blossom petals! Adding these accessories to your outfit is an excellent way to show your love for your favorite characters and add color to your look!

Popular anime jewelry options include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring characters from Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli films. Springtime in Japan is the perfect season to refresh your wardrobe with cute and stylish Japanese fashion!

Hands holding an anime jewelry purse. It's bedazzled with a pink ribbon.
Anime jewelry makes your spring attire even more unique! Image via Shutterstock

Anime jewelry often features cute and colorful designs, making it perfect for adding a touch of kawaii to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a subtle nod to your favorite anime or want to make a statement, anime jewelry is a fun and unique accessory!

What are the best anime that feature cherry blossom petals?

Hey there, anime lovers! Cherry blossom season was a blast, and we can’t help but fall in love with the breathtaking scenes of cherry blossom petals in anime. Naruto‘s episode 148 is a must-watch for those looking for an adventure during hanami season, as our favorite ninjas embark on a journey to find a rare Bikochu beetle amidst the beautiful cherry blossom trees. 

A school girl in an anime with sakura scene with petal falling around her.
Cherry blossom petals are a common motif in anime! Image via Shutterstock

Ouran High School Host Club‘s episode 9 showcases a picnic scene as sweet as the sakura petals falling around them. If you’re looking for a romantic touch, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a heartwarming film that captures the beauty of sakura in all its glory. So grab your bento box and get ready to enjoy the perfect hanami experience with your favorite anime!

What did you do this past spring while enjoying the cherry blossom petals? Did you go to a hanami picnic? How about an Easter Egg hunt? Did you wear any cute clothes? Let us know in the comments below!

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