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The Ghibli Store Japan Item Must Haves

By Serena
June 27, 2022

Studio Ghibli films are world renowned masterpieces that delight both children and adults. Their stories often boil down to simple messages like being kind to nature, being kind to each other, and being kind to yourself. Of course there is a lot of nuance to the stories as well but they have the ability to tap into the child in all of us.

With their popularity rivaling the likes of animation giant Disney, it is a bit surprising that Studio Ghibli stores are kind of hard to come by. Even within Japan the stores can be a bit elusive.

For those who want to go shopping in Japan, Studio Ghibli stores are called Donguri Kyowakoku, or Acorn Republic in English. They can be found in some shopping centers and malls near department stores in high tourist areas of Tokyo, Osaka, and a few other places in Japan. One of the more popular locations is located in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. 

One thing we will say about the Studio Ghibli stores in Japan is that the Studio Ghibli merchandise is surprisingly high quality, which leads to a not so surprising higher price tag. But just because some of their memorabilia fall on the high end of the price scale, doesn’t mean there isn’t something for every Ghibli fan there. 

The inside of a Studio Ghibli store in Japan. You can see movie posters on the walls and a wide variaty of items for sale. Image via YumeTwins

The Items

From children’s toys to expensive figures and dish sets, let’s take a look at what the Studio Ghibli store has in stock for the summer 2022 season.

Howl’s Moving Castle Kitchenware

Starting with kitchen and tableware, an amazing find for anyone who is a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle will love this bowl and cup set. The Howl’s Moving Castle Soup Bowl set includes a recreation of the bowls used during the famous breakfast scene in the movie.

The three Howl’s Moving Castle soup bowls featuring designs from Howl, Sophie, and Markl. Image via Taobao

The set includes a bowl for Howl with his feathers included in the design on the side of the bowl, one for Sophie which includes her cane as part of the design on the side, and one for Markl which includes his old man disguise as part of the design on his bowl.

As amazing as these bowls sound, what is even more astounding is the falling star illusion cup that is also available though the Ghibli Store. This 270ml glass features the colored dial on Howl’s door on the bottom of the glass. 

The Howl’s Moving Castle shooting star glass that shows both Sophie and a young Howl. Image via Donguri

The sides of the glass are decorated in gold with falling stars, motifs from the movie, and Sophie and Howl. If you look at the glass at just the right angle you can see Sohpie holding Calcifer from the end of the movie, as well as a young Howl holding the falling star he has caught. 

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Kiki’s Delivery Service Stationary

For a cheaper buy from the Ghibli Store there is the Kiki’s Delivery Service message sticker sheet and letter set. For the Kiki’s Delivery Service message sticker sheet, you get about 25 different stickers with different phrases like, “Handle With Care,” and “Fragile.” They really embody the shipping / delivery service vibes. 

Of course these are regular stickers so you can stick them anywhere like journals, phone cases, and such. But one of their main purposes in Japan is to go on letters and gifts. The culture of gift giving is very respected in Japan and many situations call for giving a gift to someone else. The Kiki’s Delivery Service message cards are the perfect way to personalize a gift even further, and a great place to stick your Kiki stickers!

Kiki’s Delivery Service Message Stickers used to hold down a ribbon on a gift. Image via Donguri

Spirited Away Coin Pouch

This last item on this list is part wallet and part fashion accessory. The No-Face Coin Purse is exactly what it sounds like. No-Face after he has eaten some of the workers from the bath house and is quite large, is the whole coin purse. With two strings on the side you can wear this coin purse around to show off your love for this mysterious Spirited Away character.

Some may say this coin pouch is creepy, or weird looking. But here at YumeTwins, we think it works perfectly for our Harajuku kawaii aesthetic. Not sure how to rock it yourself? We have tips on how to ace the kawaii aesthetic. 

A coin purse in the shape of No-Face from Spirited Away. Image via Donguri

These are just a few of the super cool items that can be found in Studio Ghibli stores across Japan. Of course there are a lot more items from other movies like Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Whispers of the Heart, and of course one of the mascots of Ghibli, My Neighbor Totoro.

Want more focus on the adult sized clothes and high end statues? Check out the GBL Store, the Ghibli store for an adult audience. The flagship store is located across from Shibuya Station at Miyashita Park.

Other Ghibli Experiences

Want to experience even more Ghibli when you visit Japan? Make sure you check out the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, designed by the mastermind behind the animation studio, Director Hayao Miyazaki.

At the Ghibli Museum you can climb on a life sized Cat Bus like Satsuki and Mei from My Neighbor Totoro, watch an exclusive animation short, see original sketches and artwork from the films and a lot more.

The Ghibli Museum from the outside since photography is not permitted inside of the museum. Image via Google

Did this article make you realize you were a little rusty on all of your Ghibli knowledge? Don’t worry, YumeTwins has you covered. We created a guide to all of the Studio Ghibli films. So you can study up before you shop until you drop.

What items are you hoping to see from your favorite Studio Ghibli movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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