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Starbucks Japan Releases Limited Edition Halloween Tumblers and More!

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Starbucks Japan is well known for releasing the cutest limited edition mugs and tumblers to commemorate the arrival of each unique season.

There’s a chill to the air right now here in Tokyo, and the bright green leaves are giving way to an assortment of beautiful colors, which can only mean one thing! Halloween is right around the corner!

According to Starbucks Japan’s official Twitter account, it looks like we’re going to be having a very happy Meowloween this Fall season! An adorable assortment of festive tumblers, water bottles and mugs are incoming – perfect for pouring your halloween drinks this October 31st!

While these limited edition items are sure to pop up all over Starbucks stores in Japan – we did a little bit of digging to find a more detailed look at what we can expect thanks to Starbucks Singapore’s official website!

They say black cats are bad luck – but we can’t help but feel blessed to have these cuties around this Halloween! The “Pumpki-tten” tumbler even has little cat ears peeking out of it’s lid!

Ghost stories can be pretty creepy, but we’d love to hear whatever these limited edition mugs have to say! Gleeful ghosts taking the form of whipped cream make for a friendly reminder to stay caffeinated this fall – and a curious creature seems to be making an appearance for a tall sized surprise at the bottom of your new Halloween tumbler! Starbucks Japan is going all in on the theme of black cats this year – and really, we can’t complain. So cute!

There’s more than just mugs and tumblers at Starbucks stores in Japan this Fall! You can also bring home this adorable ‘Bear-ista’ all dressed up and ready to serve Halloween drinks in his black cat costume! And if you’re looking to give someone you love a gift, but you’re not quite sure which of these limited edition items they’d like best – you’re in luck! Starbucks Japan obviously knew this would become an issue, so they’ve got you covered with a limited edition gift card that’s just as festive! Load it up with some cash, and the lucky recipient will be able to choose whatever they’d like! And if they end up choosing one of the limited edition tumblers, they can even fill it up with a Halloween drink to go! Extra whipped cream, please!

All of these collectable limited edition Halloween items will start popping up in Starbucks Japan stores starting October 14th and are sure to sell out fast  – so be sure to grab yours before they vanish before our very eyes on October 31!

Does Starbucks release limited edition Halloween items where you’re from? Are they as cute as the items that Starbucks Japan tends to release? We’d love to hear how these limited edition releases from Starbucks differ around the world! Join the conversation in the comments down below!

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