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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogWhat Makes Sanrio Characters So Lovable?

What Makes Sanrio Characters So Lovable?

By James
June 28, 2021

What Traits Make Sanrio Characters So Lovable? 

That is the question! You’ll find them as fun motifs on all sorts of products from clothes, accessories, stationery, appliances, and more. They’re on your TV, they decorate your phone case, they may even decorate your food! It clearly goes without saying, these likable cuties are everywhere! With their lasting popularity among people of all ages and their ubiquitousness worldwide, there must be some sort of magic behind the success and endearment for all things Sanrio, right? No matter where you go, there’s bound to be a lot of love for Sanrio characters and their kawaii personalities!


First, let’s start with relatability. Ever wondered why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? Or why certain characters seem to be loved by people of differing age ranges? One common reasoning goes that this happens because many of the characters tend to be voiceless most of the time and therefore you can more easily attach your own individual persona to it. This makes these characters that are lovable from the get-go seem even easier to understand once you’ve taken a fancy to one. As a result, it’s not hard to find commonality between yourself and a cute character when you feel like they could definitely have your back.

For instance, Kuromi is often seen as very punk-rock and goth, but really she appears on so many types of merchandise, that depending when and where you first came into contact with this cool Sanrio character you may have a totally different impression. You could think of Kuromi as a cute friend to have tea with. Or, you might be interested in the goth aesthetic and therefore think of yourself as instantly relatable to Kuromi’s key base traits.

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Strength In Numbers

Another large factor making Sanrio characters so easy to love amongst people from all over the world is that there are simply so many unique individual characters to meet! Not to mention, there’s a huge lineup of characters besides the well-known ones that have only appeared on limited stationery releases, for instance, but still remain part and parcel of the Sanrio canon. These include mundane picks like ‘Country Fresh Veggies’ or the weirdishly cute but likable character ‘Hangyodon’. Of these hundreds of characters that occupy the Sanrio-verse, each one is bound to have particular personality traits or a backstory, ensuring that there’s always something for everybody.


Usually the largest factor that allows the kawaii Sanrio characters to be so lovable is how they fill up your space! It’s so easy and enjoyable to personalize your room for instance with all the cute merchandise you can find starring your favorite characters! This brand’s ethos is all about decorating, accentuating, and adding a bit of color and flair to any space. This is all to help make the everyday routines of life a little brighter and more joyful, something that anyone can agree with as being a good thing.


When it comes to personalities, there’s definitely a Sanrio character to fit every type! Whatever you’re looking for in a buddy you will surely find within the range of characters that this company has brought into the world. And we can say with confidence that the character Aggretsuko and her companions are quite the model group when it comes to having a wide spectrum of realistic and developed personalities. This well-rounded mix of dynamic individuals require little time for audiences to get to know and understand them, and despite not being the most ‘traditionally’ kawaii brainchild of Sanrio, they are instantly lovable and wholly endearing right from the get-go.


Lastly, it’s safe to say that most people enjoy a taste of nostalgia from time to time. As the old saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, and we can’t agree more. There’s always room for optimization and refreshes, but the key to nostalgia being a selling point is the fact that it equals stability in the minds of many. Think about it, isn’t it nice to know that Hello Kitty, for instance, is just as energetic today as she was when she first debuted? It’s nice to have something like that to rely on, knowing that a bright smile is waiting to greet you each day. One could say that it’s simple, but isn’t it a nice point?

What do you think makes Sanrio characters so undeniably lovable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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