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8 Facts you didn’t know about Kuromi

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Cheeky, punky yet cute: that's Kuromi! She's been around for years yet we still know little about her besides the fact that she's a character from Sanrio, the same company famous for Hello Kitty. If you're curious about Kuromi then keep reading!

Kuromi is often seen together with Sanrio character My Melody but did you know that the two are actually rivals? My Melody made her debut in 1975 when she appeared as Hello Kitty's best friend in the tv series The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends but Kuromi made her debut a lot later in 2005 in the tv series Onegai My Melody.

The story:

"Kuromi, an escaped prisoner from Mari Land, has the Melody Key, an artifact with dream-corrupting powers, and she and her partner Baku have plans to gather 100 black notes to revive the Spirit of Dark Power. What for? To get back at her rival, My Melody, for the turmoil My Melody caused her (by accident, to be clear). When Kuromi ventures into the human world, she meets, teams up with, and even falls madly in love with Keiichi Hiiragi, a popular high school boy in Yumegaoka.

My Melody, with the Melody Takt, Melody Candies, and Melody Box in hand, ventures into the human world herself to gather 100 pink notes to stop Kuromi's disastrous plans. There, My Melody meets Uta Yumeno and her friends and they become partners in the quest to stop Kuromi's plans and save both the human world and Mari Land." source

We knew that Kuromi was a bit cheeky but a prisoner?

Here are some more facts about Kuromi that you maybe didn't know:

1. Kuromi and My Melody are rivals but the two don't actually hate each other, when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet Kuromi told her that if she dies, who will she fight?

2. Kuromi is a tomboy but is secretly also very girly: she has a soft spot for cute guys.

3. Kuromi's favorite color is black (duh)

4. Kuromi's hobbies include: writing in her diary, cooking and reading romance novels.

5. Kuromi is the leader of a biker gang (well they ride tricycles) the members of Kuromi's 5 are: Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi and Chumi.

6. Kuromi's sidekick is called Baku: a flying tapir.

7. Kuromi's favorite food? Shallots!

8. Kuromi used to be friendly but became convinced that My Melody is trying to ruin her life because of some accidents that happened like My Melody ripping out Kuromi's notebook.

Let us know what you think of Kuromi! Who is your favorite Sanrio character? Personally I like her a lot because she isn't overly sweet or innocent like Hello Kitty or My Melody and let's be real: no one is! Sanrio characters like Kuromi but also the lazy Gudetama and angry Aggretsuko have gained more popularity the past years because people can relate to them.

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