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Sailor Moon’s 25th Anniversary Items revealed!

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget the small things about our beloved childhood franchises. For example, out of all you lovely YumeTwin fans, who knew Pokemon became 20 years old recently. Crazy, right? As we grow and get on with our daily lives our favourite characters and series are growing older too!

Well, did you know that our beautiful heroine Sailor Moon is celebrating her 25th anniversary this year! How time flies, right?

Sailor Moon remains as popular as ever, even today. Hard to believe this well known series was first released in the early 1990s too. This year, the fans are looking forward to celebrating its 25th anniversary in style. Of course, as expected with any big anniversary, some seriously amazing items to celebrate have been revealed too! Curious about which Sailor Moon goodies you can get for this commemoration? Here are some of the best items celebrating 25th Sailor Moon Anniversary that you can buy!

1. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Phone Case for iPhone XS/X

Enlist Sailor Moon to protect your precious phone with her Moon Prism Power! Or at least with her cute picture on this stylish case. Made of TPU material this case is soft to the touch with round edges and offers lots of grip! It's compatible with iPhone XS and X and covers your phone for super-heroine protection! It even has a strap hole so you can attach your favorite charms!

Produced by: zakka-other

Weight: 100g

2. Sailor Moon Pen Case

Who couldn't help but fall in love with this super sparkling stationary Pen Case featuring Sailor Moon in action! This Pen Case will take care of your stationery. Storing your pens has never been as glamourous with this shimmering cover. With all the sparkling ornaments adorning the front, this pen case will always be extra shiny.

Produced by: zakka-other

Weight: 50g

3. Sailor Moon Coloured Pen

Get one of these exclusive Japanese Sailor Moon pens to jot down all your thoughts about Tuxedo Mask! Coming in either a kawaii pink or stunning violet, it also includes a friction eraser so you'll never make any embarrassing mistakes. These pens will make your notes look more colourful to read. With the help of Sailor Moon you'll love to write even more!

Manufacturer: zakka-other

Weight: 14g

4. Sailor Moon Notebooks

Not just one, but multiple cosmic and dreamy exclusive ring bound notebooks befitting of the 25th Anniversary of Sailor Moon! Each coming in a variety of different styles, yet all of them looking completely out of this world. What could suit Sailor Moon better? 

Manufacturer: zakka-other

Weight: 59g – 140g

5. Sailor Moon Tote Bag

Your regular bag looking a bit drab and dull? Then you definitely have to pick up this eco friendly and super kawaii tote bag with an adorable Sailor Moon design! Perfect for grocery shopping or an easy bag to throw everyday items into. Your shopping trips will always be full of Moon Prism Power!

Manufacturer: zakka-other

Weight: 176g

6. Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Jewelry Necklace and Earring

These next items are by far the most befitting of all those budding Princesses out there! These necklaces come in a variety of dazzling golden shades and the gems and jewels too come in enough colours to appeal to anyone. Each of these pieces are simply elegant and beautifully made, a great addition to any outfit!

Produced by: Shopular

Weight: 15g – 150g

These fashionable jewelry pieces can be found several places online, but you can also try to find it from! We provide free shipping worldwide!

Interested in any of these super sweet items? Some of these cute stuffs are limited edition. So, don’t leave it too long! Which ones would make you feel like a Princess? Let us know~!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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