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Sailor Moon Villains So Bad They’re Good

By Terrell
May 07, 2022

Sailor Moon is an iconic series absolutely full of amazing characters. Of course we love Usagi Tsukino, Tuxedo Mask, and all of the Sailor Scouts. However, we also have to talk about all of the amazing baddies who make this series one of the best magical girl anime ever. Check out these Sailor Moon villains that are so perfectly bad.

Prince Demande

Prince Demande, also known as Prince Diamond, is the dreamy leader of the Black Moon clan. This villain is both interesting and complicated, with many fans feeling for him. However, after realizing he was just a puppet, he ends up rebelling against the true leader (also on this list). 

Based on whether you watch the anime or read the manga, Prince Demande has very different ends. One is very heartfelt. The other involves him falling into madness, almost destroying space-time, and getting killed. We won’t tell you which is which though. 

Wicked Lady (AKA Black Lady)

A fan-made portrait of Chibi-Moon and one of the Sailor Moon villains Wicked Lady with half of each of their faces drawn together.
Wicked Lady is definitely a polarizing Sailor Moon villain, not because of her story or her design, but because of her romantic interests. Image via Shutterstock

I know, I know. As a Sailor Moon community, we’ve decided not to talk about Wicked Lady (or Black Lady based on what version you watched). However, we can’t talk about Sailor Moon villains without mentioning this one.

Wicked Lady is an interesting character from the future and is actually the daughter of Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask). In fact, she’s the future, corrupted version of Chibi Moon, a version that unfortunately met one of the other villains on this list. She was a super strong villain with a very cool, dark spin on the kawaii aesthetic (cute aesthetic). 

Her only downside as a villain? Her romantic interest in Tuxedo Mask. Ick!

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Queen Beryl

How can we make this list without talking about the original sailor Moon villain? Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or a casual viewer who watched as a child, you probably can’t forget Queen Beryl. 

Queen Beryl was the first major antagonist of this magical girl anime and was motivated mainly by an unrequited love for Prince Endymion (Mamoru’s past life). However, part of her story also involves manipulation, a common trope in the overarching series. She even succeeded in leading a rebellion against the Moon Kingdom.

This iconic villain made a name for herself not just for her interesting backstory and abilities. She also made a name for herself with her minions. The Shitennou (Four Kings of Heaven) and a manipulated Mamoru served under her, creating more iconic Sailor Moon villains who ended up on this list. Thanks to her, we also got to experience the DD girls, who really did a number on the Sailor Scouts. 

Figures of the Sailor Scouts from the Sailor Moon anime each posed in different action poses on a table in front of a brown background.
These girls have seen their fair share of evil-doers, but Queen Beryl will always have a place in fans’ memories. Image via Shutterstock

Queen Nehelenia

Queen Nehelenia is another villain who just looks fabulous, and with her backstory, it’s no wonder she does. This beautiful queen of Dark Moon wanted two things: to keep her beauty forever and to take down Princess Serenity so she could take over the Moon Kingdom and Crystal Tokyo. 

To do this, she eventually created the Dead Moon Circus and ended up trapped in a mirror. That being said, Nehelenia was a powerful foe who almost took out the Sailor Guardians over the course of her arc. We’re just glad that she got a happy ending.

The Shitennou (and Kunzite)

The iconic Queen Beryl had some equally iconic generals under her command, known as the Shitennou. These male fighters used to serve Prince Endymion, with the most powerful general, Kunzite, being Sailor Venus’ lover. These Sailor Moon Villains didn’t just have a handsome shoujo anime aesthetic; they were also plenty strong, with Kunzite even kidnapping Mamoru to turn him against the Sailor Scouts. 

Fun fact: Kunzite and Zoicite were originally lovers, but the English version turned the androgynous Zoicite into a female. Yeah, the 90s were still learning how to handle queer characters. It’s actually just one of the many things you miss when you watch Sailor Moon in English.

The DD Girls

The DD girls, which somehow stands for Doom & Gloom Girls, have the shortest screentime on this list, only appearing in the last episode of Sailor Moon’s first season. This girl group, basically clad in swimwear, worked for Queen Beryl too and were a kind of monster-of-the-week. 

However, unlike other one-episode foes or other groups, they were extremely powerful, super coordinated, and had no in-fighting. This actually led to them killing four of the Sailor Scouts. They also managed to show just how powerful Sailor Mercury was, with her being able to defeat one all on her own, unlike the other surviving Scouts. 

A cosplayer dressed as Princess Serenity, one of Sailor Moon's later forms in a blue, pink, red, and white dress, looks up with many people walking in the background.
The great things about these Sailor Moon villains is they also show how strong Usagi and the Sailor Scouts are for defeating them. Image via Shutterstock

Princess Snow Kaguya

The first word that comes to mind when we think of Princess Snow Kaguya should be words like ‘ice’ or ‘snow’. But actually, for us, it’s ‘fabulous’. This icy alien princess (should be a queen) was originally featured in a short story in the manga, but later got her own movie. Sailor Moon S featured Kaguya, who freezes planets just to add to her collection, after she comes to Earth.

This gorgeous ice queen has power over ice and snow, being able to freeze things, cause blizzards, and shoot energy blasts. She actually almost succeeded in freezing all of Earth! Of course, the Sailor Scouts were just too much for her.


Wiseman is actually a really scary villain with the creepiest looking design on this list. This creepy man in a mysterious black cloak is the actual leader of the Black Moon Clan and was originally known as Death Phantom. 

He was actually a human before, but after some shady shenanigans, he was exiled by Queen Serenity, Usagi’s past life. This powerful villain is actually the reason Wicked Lady exists and the puppetmaster of Prince Demande. His sheer power and the fact that he came so close to destroying everything is why he’s on this list.

A collection of Sailor Moon figures featuring the Sailor Moon villains Prince Demande and the Ayakashi Sisters, posed in various positions in front of an elaborate stone set with a golden throne.
The Black Moon Clan was actually pretty powerful. Prince Demande didn’t just have his men; he also had the Ayakashi Sisters working under him. Image via Shutterstock

Sailor Galaxia

You all better stop playing with this woman. She almost took out the Sailor Scouts and Usagi herself and was an absolute menace. This Sailor Scout turned Sailor Moon villain had a sad backstory that involved her eventually being taken over by another big bad on this list. 

She is definitely one of the most powerful villains to grace the Sailor Moon series and one of the most dangerous. By combining her sheer strength, her dark powers, and psychological warfare, she proved herself to be an iconic antagonist for the series.


This is kind of a weird submission. Chaos is less of a person and more of an intelligent entity that is partly responsible for all life in the universe. Most of the major villains of Sailor Moon have a link to Chaos, whether they knew it or not. 

Depending on if you watch the anime or read the manga, the “end” of this villain is different. However, seeing as this is the ultimate villain, we won’t spoil it for you!

Are there any villains you think we missed? Who’s your favorite Sailor Moon villain? Let us know in the comments!

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