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Check out these Luxurious Sailor Moon Luna & Diana bathrobes!

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Premium Bandai – also known as P-Bandai – is a Japanese online store that frequently features exclusive collaborations with top tier anime properties! They have launched a lot of cool stuff from all of our favorite franchises over the years. After successfully selling out of kakkoii and kawaii products in the past from some of our favorite anime (such as Trunk’s jacket from Dragonball Z, Pokedex phone cases from Pokémon, and even Zaku themed teapots from Gundam), they are now selling beautiful items for Sailor Moon fans!

If you love Sailor Moon just as much as we do here at YumeTwins, get ready to grab a pair of cute and comfortable Sailor Moon bathrobes!

Inspired by the kawaii kitties Luna and Diana, the robes are designed with super kawaii ears and crescent moon signs on the forehead. These robes are meant to complete the adorable pajama set that Premium Bandai released last year.

Designed with long-sleeves, they are soft, comfortable, and perfect to snuggle up with in the colder months! You can wear these after a bath or shower, in the morning after you wake up, or when you come home from a long day at work and you just need to relax in style! They'll be as comfortable as the Sailor Moon Luna and Diana loungewear released back in 2018, as they’re made from the same materials.

You can get these robes for 10,450 yen (US$95.87) each with tax included. They come in two colors, blue for Luna or grey inspired by Diana.

The midnight blue is perfect for moody Luna fans that prefer darker colors. This blue color really exudes a very luxurious feel, don’t you think?

The grey option is inspired by Luna's future daughter, Diana. This robe sports a lighter grey than the Sailor Moon Diana loungewear that was released last year, with the color itself being much closer to that of Diana’s in the series.

Aside from the kawaii cat ears and moon symbols on the forehead, both variations also have Sailor Moon herself – as well as a cute paw print embroidered on the left chest. Plus, there are two pockets on either side to keep your snacks from TokyoTreat handy!

The robes are one size fits all, but the waist can be adjusted with the attached cat tail-esque straps! Honestly, how cute is that!?

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, make sure to check this Sailor Moon themed restaurant in Japan! 

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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