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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogRilakkuma the Bear: Five Great Video Games!

Rilakkuma the Bear: Five Great Video Games!

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
June 20, 2024
Rilakkuma the Bear in a video game.

Super cute and chill, Rilakkuma the Bear is the definition of relaxation. Always down for some easy lounging and snacking, San-X’s famous bear is the perfect friend to spend a lazy afternoon with. Rilakkuma has become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks partly to his incredibly adorable 2019 stop-motion show, Rilakkuma and Kaoru. 

The titular brown bear is famous for being happily lazy all day, preferring to lounge around and eat snacks. This cute bear speaks to the heart of us all. He has become so famous that he starred in several video games! From mobile games to home console releases, he and his friends have a video game for everyone! For fans of the laid-back bear, these games are worth checking out!

Rilakkuma Minna de Goyururi Seikatsu

Released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009, Rilakkuma Minna de Goyururi Seikatsu is a fun and relaxed life sim starring the sleepy bear. The game doesn’t have much of a goal; it’s simply a chance to hang out with Rilakkuma and his friends. You can take pictures together, get into silly antics, and even do yoga with the Wii Balance Board.

Promotional art for Rilakkuma Minna de Goyururi Seikatsu
You can enjoy the laid-back vibes of this game! Image via Hugkum

The game’s laid-back theme fits perfectly with Rilakkuma. It reflects the actual time of day and weather when you play. So, this brown bear will be there to say hi, whether it’s a rainy afternoon or the wee hours of the night.

Norinori Rilakkuma Hit Song Ongaku

Cover art of Norinori Rilakkuma Hit Song Ongaku
This is an adorable rhythm game! Image via IGDB

A 2010 Nintendo DS release, Norinori Rilakkuma Hit Song Ongaku is a rhythm game starring everyone’s favorite lazy bear. Unlike other rhythm games like DDR, Guitar Hero, and Beat Mania, Norinori Rilakkuma Hit Song Ongaku is on the more accessible side. This is perfect for people who want to take it easy and enjoy the many cute songs. Having it on the go with the DS makes it the perfect travel companion. (Just remember to bring headphones!)

LINE Rilakkuma Loop

A mobile game released in 2016, LINE Rilakkuma Loop is a very simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master puzzle game. Similar to other games like Bust-A-Move and Magical Drop, the premise of LINE Rilakkuma Loop is to shoot colored orbs at other colored orbs.

Cover art for LINE Rilakkuma Loop
This game is exclusive to the LINE app! Image via IGDB

Matching colors will make orbs disappear, creating big combos for big points. It might look easy, but these puzzle games are devious when ramping up the difficulty. It’s a classic puzzle game premise that fits perfectly with the adorable style and aesthetic of Rilakkuma and friends.

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Rilakkuma Farm

A screenshot from Rilakkuma Farm
This game is an adorable farm sim! Image via Emulator PC

Another mobile game launched in 2019, Rilakkuma Farm, is precisely as it sounds. Players can build and manage their very own farm with the help of Rilakkuma and friends. Much like other cozy farm sims, the idea of this game isn’t necessarily to win but just to have fun and enjoy the vibes of easy farming. Even though this particular bear would go outside and take up farming, it would be unlikely; playing a farming video game with him is still cute and fun.

Rilakkuma at Home

Launched on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, Rilakkuma at Home lets players play with Rilakkuma at home. Like Rilakkuma Minna de Goyururi Seikatsu, this game involves hanging out with the lazy bear and friends, playing mini-games, and having snacks.

An screenshot from Rilakkuma at Home
This is one of coziest games you can play! Image via Amazon JP

Participating in fun activities earns you honey, which can be exchanged for stamps. Stamps then earn you coins, which can be used to buy house decorations. It might seem like a lot of work to make your house cute, but spending time with this bear makes it worthwhile.

Why should I play video games featuring Rilakkuma the Bear?

If you’re a fan of this sleepy, hungry bear, then playing his video games would only make sense. The ideal day with Rilakkuma involves lots of napping and snacking, probably followed by more napping. While flying to Japan to hang out with him might be tough, playing comfy games with him is the next best thing.

A screenshot of a video game featuring Rilakkuma the Bear.
Which game is your favorite! Image via Japanese Nintendo

Even if your day just involves chasing Kiiroitori around with an RC car, spending an afternoon with the cute bear is a treat. Have you played any of these games before? If so, which one is your favorite? Are there other games we didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear how much you love video games with Rilakkuma!

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