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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogPokemon Party: The Ultimate Fun!

Pokemon Party: The Ultimate Fun!

By James Lau
January 10, 2024
A Pikachu statue dressed in a kimono and a headband at a Pokemon party in Kyoto.

Get ready for an adventure as we dive into the world of Pokémon parties! Whether you’re an older trainer or just starting your journey, there’s something for everyone in this Pokemon Party!

What Pokemon party events are there?

The Pokemon World Championship Series is the ultimate stage for all Pokemon Masters, an event that crowns champions across various Pokemon games. From video game franchises to the Trading Card Game and the mobile game Pokemon Go, the tournament is for players of all ages, with fair competition in the Junior, Senior, and Masters categories. The World Championship is held in different locations each year and brings trainers from all over the world!

Ceremony at the Pokemon World Championship.
This is quite a major event! Image via Diario AS

On the other side of celebrations, the Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak is a celebration of the iconic Pikachu! Since 2014, this annual event has transformed Yokohama into a Pokemon paradise, featuring Pikachu in parades, performances, and interactive experiences. From Pikachu-themed night parades to choreographed dances featuring Pikachu and even Eevee, the event shows off the charm and cultural impact of Pokemon, making it excellent for fans of all ages!

What is Sunshine City Pokemon?

The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is located in the heart of Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Standing tall with 60 stories, this shopping center is a paradise for Pokemon fans. The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has exclusive goods, thrilling competitive events, and Pokemon-themed entertainment. Whether you’re a die-hard video game master, a trading card game fan, or a casual Pokemon Go player, this mega-center has something special for everyone!

A small display of miniatures.
It’s one of the biggest stores in the mall! Image via Shutterstock

Treat yourself to Pokemon-themed delights at the Pikachu Sweets Café! Indulge in adorable Pokemon cookies, cakes, and drinks, all beautifully themed to capture the spirit of your favorite Pokemon characters. Additionally, Pokemon Go enthusiasts can meet up at the Pokemon GO Lab within the Mega Tokyo Center to trade and battle with fellow trainers. Join in the events, catch ’em all, and show off your skills in style at the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo!

What are some other Pokemon I should know about?

There’s more to cute Pokemon beyond favorites like Pikachu and Eevee! Meet Vulpix, a tiny fox-like fire-type Pokemon. It has a warm flame inside. Then there’s Phanpy, a sky-blue elephant with a gentle trunk. It can offer playful bumps and strength when needed. Don’t forget Rockruff, a small rock-type dog Pokemon. It’s loyal and friendly, making it a perfect companion for new Pokemon Trainers.

Vulpix (red) and Alola (white)Vulpix meeting each other.
Vulpix is a cute fire Pokemon! Image via

While Pikachu and Eevee steal the spotlight, these other Pokemon are just as charming! With over a thousand to catch, there are many more cute Pokemon to play with!

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What are Pokemon Local Acts?

Across Japan, various Pokemon characters, known as Pokemon Local Acts, serve as ambassadors for different prefectures! These mascots, like Sandshrew in Tottori and Dragonite in Fukui, showcase unique regional features. They encourage everyone to explore the magic of each area because they boost tourism.

People in Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew suits next to two men in the Tottori Sand Dunes.
Sandshrew is perfect for sandy Tottori Prefecture! Image via RPP

Each prefecture selects a Pokemon representing its characteristics. These Pokemon pop up in various locations, from buses to parks, and even on local goods. For example, in Tottori, Sandshrew is suited for the sandy landscapes of the Tottori Sand Dunes. Meanwhile, Dragonite is the Support Pokemon in Fukui, symbolizing the region’s fame for dinosaur fossils and its museum!

Other prefectures feature Pokemon like Chansey in Fukushima, Slowpoke in Kagawa, Lapras in Miyagi, and Exeggutor in Miyazaki. These Pokemon Local Acts are friendly guides, inviting travelers to discover Japan’s hidden secrets and natural beauty!

What are the Japanese names of Pokemon?

The original Japanese names for some Pokemon are full of hidden meanings! Bulbasaur, known as “Fushigidane” in Japan, playfully translates to “strange, isn’t it?” and reflects the Pokemon’s appearance with a plant bulb on its back. Jigglypuff, the cute pink puffball, takes on the name “Purin” in Japan, referencing the delightful custard pudding, creating a cute connection between the Pokemon’s appearance and a beloved dessert.

Bulbasaur, a dinosaur like Pokemon with a bulb on its back.
The Japanese name for “Bulbasaur” is “Fushigidane!” Image via Bulbapedia

Psyduck is known as “Kodakku” in Japan, a blend of “little” and “duck.” Dratini is called “Miniryu” in Japan, combining “miniature” and “dragon” to highlight its small, dragon-like form. Ditto has the name “Metamon” in Japanese, a blend of “metamorphic” and “Pokemon,” reflecting Ditto’s ability to transform into any Pokemon. Whether it’s a playful nod or a clever combination highlighting a Pokemon’s characteristics, Japanese Pokemon names are unique!

Pokémon has many things to offer, from tournaments like the Pokémon World Championship Series to Pikachu-themed festivities in Yokohama. Sunshine City is a Pokemon paradise with the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo and Pikachu Sweets Café!

Why should I have a Pokemon party?

Catching cute Pokémon is always fun, while Pokémon Local Acts allows for real-life adventures across Japan! Japanese Pokémon names show off creativity, and the world of Pokémon continues to bring joy to fans worldwide! Would you ever have a Pokemon party? Have you ever gone to a Local Act Prefecture? How about any of the events like the Pokemon World Championship Series? Let us know in the comments below!

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