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New Moving Ears Hats Featuring Sanrio Characters!

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You might remember back in June we featured one of the hottest items in Harajuku in our boxes; the Moving Bunny Ears Hat! It was definitely one of the cutest items we've had in our boxes, and super popular with our YumeTwins Family too! Even now it remains one of the most popular and must buy items for people who visit Harajuku, becoming a bit of a trend not only in Japan but abroad too. You can definitely see the effect the hat has had when Sanrio decides to get in on the action. That's right, since August 21st, Sanrio launched their own range of Moving Ear Hats featuring all your favourite Sanrio characters! The price is 2,052 yen (US$19.30). They can be ordered through the Sanrio online webshop and the line up is six of the most popular Sanrio characters, you can see below!

As you can see, all of your favourite iconic characters are here, from Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Cinamoroll, Pochacco and even Kuromi! Just like with the ears from our box, you can move the ears of these characters simply by pulling on the ears or squeezing the ends! Of course, depending on the character you might not get too much of a reaction. For Hello Kitty for example, there is only a little slight movement for her smaller kitty ears. When it comes to Pochacco or Cinamoroll however you can flap away noticeably to your hearts content!

Pochacco and Pompompurin have some of the longest and best ears to get movement and both of them look super cute to boot! Pompompurin is looking especially kawaii with the signature beret on top.

Kuromi, much like Hello Kitty doesn't have the biggest ears to waggle and so you'll only get a little movement out of her. It doesn't stop her looking just as kawaii in her devilish way!

Maybe you didn't get one of the Moving Bunny Ears Hats through a previous box, or maybe you just didn't see one in action just yet? Don't worry, Sanrio have you covered with this instructional video!

Looks fun and kawaii, right? Even though we have plenty of Moving Bunny Ears Hats here we're still pretty eager to buy at least a couple of these ourselves! Which one would you want to have though? Wondering about which character to buy? We can help you through this quiz about What Popular Sanrio Character Are YOU, you can thank me later! Let us know your fave Sanrio character in the comments below!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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