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These kawaii Pikachu home goods are a must have for any Pokemon fan!

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Did you ever dream about having a cute pet, or perhaps even an even cuter monster as a pet when you were a kid? Maybe you thought about this whilst watching one of your favourite TV shows? I can guarantee that almost anyone who watched Pokemon as a child thought about becoming a Pokemon trainer at least once. Who wouldn't want to dream about getting your first Pokemon before you set out on your own amazing journey. And surely if that dream came true, there would be only one choice for most fans for a first furry companion… Pikachu!

For anyone who grew up with the franchise, it's been an amazing journey watching the creation from The Pokemon Company, a legendary collaboration between Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures, evolve into one of the worlds most well known brands. The original idea was thought up by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, a little fun fact for you! Do you know which came first between the animation and the game too? It might surprise some people, but the game came first! But for many people not into gaming at the time, their first taste of the world of Pokemon was with the cartoon. No matter how you first learnt about this exciting world, almost everyone is hooked on it now!

There have been many Pokemon added to the roster since the original 150, but for many the most iconic is the yellow ball of fluff mascot, Pikachu! Do you even need to ask why? With his striking mix of bright yellow fur, red cheeks and pointed ears, that's already enough to make most people aww, add his cute voice into the mix and for most it's love at first sight! It's no wonder that fans of Pokemon and Pikachu alike go mad for any Pikachu themed merchandise!

We've all seen the usual t-shirts and blankets, but how about something a little more unique? Here’s a list of some of the best we found!

1. Pikachu Cake Pan

Ever wanted to bake our own cute Pikachu but you don't have the time or gentle hands to craft his iconic shape? Perhaps a shortcut is in order. How about this adorable cake pan!

This Pikachu Cake Pan is too cute! Simply pour in your cake mix, or even jello and cool/bake away to eventually reveal your own Pikachu! Adorable and delicious to boot!

Just simply add some decorating with cream and chocolate here and there to make it look more like the real thing!

2. Pokemon Light-Up Pikachu Lamp

Did you ever have a novelty shaped lamp when you were a kid? If you did, tell us what it was in the comments below! But I can almost guarantee you didn't have this one… your very own light up Pikachu! When you turn on this Pikachu's lamp you'll never be afraid of the dark again! You can imagine your yellow companion is about to use Thunderbolt on any scary shadows lurking! It's sure to keep you safe overnight! Isn’t it too cute?

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3. Pikachu Coin Bank

Sometimes it can be difficult to have motivation to save your money rather than spending it on more cute plushies or Pokemon goodies. In this case however, spending money to save money might be the right thing to do. What better way to save than with this Pikachu Coin Box! Simply place a coin on the yellow Pokeball symbol and what happens next? A cheeky Pikachu comes out of hiding to steal your coins away! Pika Pika~!

4. Pikachu in the Forest Plate

Feel like your kitchen items need a little more kawaii factor? Nothing could be better than this plate of Pikachu hanging out with his friends, Pichu and Oddish! This too cute to be true Pikachu Plate looks good enough to eat! Maybe seeing this sweet picture is the motivation needed to work through all those veggies you might have been hesitant to eat otherwise.

5. Pikachu Lunch Box

Spring has arrived, and for many the best thing to do at this time of the year is to enjoy the weather with a picnic. Want to stand out from the crowd though? You're sure to get some envious looks with this adorable lunch box! This bento style box has clasps on all four sides so your lunch will remain warm and most importantly safe. Fear not too, as you can get this lunch box in our shop immediately at JapanHaul! This even comes in kawaii mini size too!

These are some of the best we found but there are certainly a lot more than are still undiscovered out there. Pikachu fans, which one do you think is the most kawaii? Maybe you know of other Pokemon/Pikachu goods that are just as cute or cuter? Feel free to share your thoughts and finds, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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