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Most Kawaii Everyday Accessories to Buy!

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Sometimes everyday life can be a little dull. Day in day out everyone has to do the same regular tasks, no matter what you do! So if you can add a little more kawaii to brighten up those moments, who would say no? Japan has you covered with literally hundreds of super cute accessories too! So many it can actually be a little difficult to choose… We decided to help you a little bit! This time we decided to go for everyday items, things that you might use at least once a day and if not, that you can keep around your room to cheer up the atmosphere!

Here’s our top five picks for items you just need to pick up for your everyday life!

1. Rabbit Eye Mask

This rabbit eye mask is perfect for nap time, bed time or just well… any time you want to close your eyes for a bit! The outer side features super soft white fur and kawaii bunny ears whilst the inside is a smoother, soft pink material. The best secret about this super sweet item though? It only costs 100 yen! Plus the quality is so good for the price people have been instagramming it everywhere! Definitely worth picking up!

2. Neko Accessory Pouch

We always need to have certain essentials with us when we're out on the go, and it's even better if you can find something cute to store them in! There's plenty of options, but we're in love with this kawaii neko accessory pouch. The material is fluffy and soft and the zip even has a super sweet bauble at the end that not only looks good, but makes opening it up easier when grabbing for that zip! Not only that, but we can totally relate to the sleepy eyes on the front too!

3. Sailor Moon Purse

When times are rough, especially when pay day seems so far away, sometimes you need a pick-me-up. This Sailor Moon Purse could give you the moon prism power enough to make it through to that next pay check! This kawaii collab between Isetan and Samantha Thavasa comes in ten different colour styles to match with your favourite Sailor, each one also has a sweet bow clasp included! You'll look like a Moon Princess with this in your hands!

4. Cat Ears Hairband

Whether it be at the start of the day or the end, taking proper care of your skin is very important! Depending on how intensive your routine is though you may need to keep your hair out of your face to focus on that cleansing scrub! Even this doesn't need to be boring though with these amazing cat ear hairbands! This expanding band will keep your hair in place whilst you add or remove makeup and is soft enough to even be used if you take a nap wearing it!

5. Animal Blanket

Maybe the weather is getting colder or you just need a comfy blanket to hug whilst relaxing at home, sure, a regular blanket would work, but why not have a cute animal blanket instead? Not only does this blanket fold out to a nice size, but when you don't need it you can wrap it up to create a plushie-like animal that can serve as a hug buddy if it's too warm for a full on blanket. They come in a huge variety of animals, but we're loving this pastel calico cat. The pink bow is adorable!

Well, what do you think of our suggestions? All of these items are not only so cute, but they're useful and convenient too… a great combination in our option! How about you though? Do you have anything like this already or do you feel the need to buy anything on our list? What's your favourite kawaii everyday item? Let us know in the comments below!

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