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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogInanimate Objects or Pokemon? Let’s Find Out!

Inanimate Objects or Pokemon? Let’s Find Out!

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
April 24, 2024
An inanimate object Pokemon that resembles a teapot.

One type of Pokemon is particularly unique because of its unusual makeup: the ones that look like inanimate objects found in the human world. This makes them different from the typical electric mice, and fire-breathing lizards trainers might encounter. If you’re unfamiliar with these Pokemon, come and discover the various kinds of inanimate object Pokemon!

What makes these Pokemon unusual?

Pokemon, by nature, are sentient creatures. Most are alive, with some being actual ghosts. Pokemon can resemble virtually every animal, including birds, dogs, bugs, cats, fish, and dinosaurs. Of all the kinds of Pokemon a trainer can find, the ones resemble everyday objects that are easily the strangest. 

Brock hanging out with a leilei shaped Pokemon.
This one resembles a Hawaiian lei lei! Image via The Gamer

Rather than looking like regular animals, these Pokemon look like ice cream, magnets, or furniture. As weird as that may sound, these Pokemon are loosely based on tsukumogami or Japanese spirits that inhabit everyday objects once they reach their 100th birthday. There are hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon, but these are just a few notable ones that resemble inanimate objects!


A classic Pokemon from the very first game, Voltorb is an electric-type Pokemon that resembles a giant Poke Ball. Poke Balls are tools used by trainers to capture wild Pokemon. But these Pokemon are not to be toyed with!

A Voltorb, which resembles an inanimate object, a ball, red on top white on bottom.
Voltorbs look a lot like Pokeballs! Image via

For the inexperienced trainer, stumbling across a wild Voltorb can be very dangerous as they are prone to self-detonation as a defense. But those who can capture a Voltorb and train well will find a reliable electric-type ally to round out their team (just stand clear of their Self-Destruct skill!)


Another classic electric-type Pokemon from the first generation, Magnemite, are inorganic Pokemon that look like flying magnets. These Pokemon are most often found gathering near electric power plants and deep caves that are rich in natural resources.

A Magnemite Pokemon.
You can find most Magnemite at electrical plants. Image via

While mostly harmless, groups of Magnemites can converge and form a Magneton, a mighty electric-type Pokemon that can hold its own in most fights. Many first-time trainers found themselves befriending these tiny Pokemon in the early days of their adventures.


A Vanilluxe, a Pokemon that resembles an ice cream cone.
Don’t try to eat these scrumptious Pokemon! Image via Screen Rant

An ice-type Pokemon from the fifth generation, Vanillaluxe is the final evolved form of Vanilite. The first thing trainers will notice when looking at this Pokemon is its uncanny resemblance to an ice cream cone. Unlike its earlier evolutions, Vanillaluxe has two heads (or two scoops) instead of just one. As supremely cute as this Pokemon may seem, if both of its heads get angry enough, it can expel a giant blizzard to defend itself. So be sure to stay on your guard!


A fellow Gen V Pokemon, Chandelure is one of the more dangerous Pokemon an unweary trainer can discover. The final evolution of Litwick, Chandelure, looks like a giant chandelier with four flames extending out from its central head. It’s one of the more interesting Pokemon that look like inanimate objects!

Chandelure, a Pokemon that resembles a chandelier.
This is a Fire/Ghost Pokemon! Image via

As they are ghost/fire types, Chandelures are incredibly dangerous as their flames burn their victim’s spirits rather than their bodies. It is believed that those who have had their spirits burnt by a Chandelure are cursed to wander the Earth forever (if they haven’t been consumed by the Chandelure first!)


Banette, a ghost Pokemon that resembles a dolls.
Banette looks like a ghost doll! Image via

A very unfortunate Gen III ghost-type Pokemon, Banette is composed of pure hatred. These Pokemon inhabit stuffed dolls and lurk within dark alleys and trash heaps. Luckily, if a person finds a Banette and treats it with enough kindness and compassion, the ghost Pokemon will turn back into a regular doll, and its grudge will heal.

Why are these Pokemon unique?

Inanimate object Pokemon help liven up the world of Pokemon by introducing trainers to creatures they would never see in the wild. Anyone can find a dog or a bird, but not anyone can just go outside and find a possessed doll or an angry chandelier.

An inanimate object Pokemon that resembles a sword and shield.
Which of these inanimate object Pokemon are your favorite? Image via CBR

For the trainers intent on creating the most unique and effective teams, these Pokemon offer exciting and unique skill sets, team compositions, and Pokemon training tactics from the regular assortment of Pokemon that are more easily found. And besides, what could be better than hanging out with a double-scoop ice cream cone on a wintry Christmas day?

Do you have any favorite Pokemon that are inanimate objects? If so, which ones do you like best? Are they on your active team, or do they look cool? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about your favorite Pokemon!

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