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How to Accessorize – Kawaii Style

By James
November 06, 2021

Whether you go all out and adhere daily to a kawaii fashion subgroup to guide your style, or if you’re more the casual type who just likes to add a kawaii splash here and there in your look, the options for creative new ways to incorporate accessories are limitless!

It’s true that the most important pieces of an outfit, for whichever style you’re interested in, would have to be the actual clothes themselves and how a top looks with a certain pair of pants or a skirt, for instance. However, we think that you can always level-up your look by adding in cute and unique accessories for extra flair! It’s always those little things that can help pull off a look and differentiate you from followers of similar fashion trends.

Some kawaii fashion styles such as Decora (often thought to be the most representative or memorable style of Harajuku fashion) are centered on their heavy use of cute accessories to enhance the wearers’ outfits. Other styles may not be so focused on this though, and draw fans that are more interested in the overall look rather than details, such as with Genderless-Kei. Each style though is made more interesting by the use of extra detail, whether it be much or just a little, so let’s take a look into how to accessorize – kawaii style!

But first, before we get started, remember that how you decide to dress kawaii depends all on you! Think about your personality & interests. How? A good starting point is to consider what kind of music you like, what characters or TV shows you prefer, and what kind of actresses or actors you’d like to emulate. It’s also worth considering if you’d enjoy creating a persona or if you’d rather bring your inner self out. The answers to these questions can help guide you when choosing how to mix and match colors, textures, and accessories.

Hair Accessories:

A focus on Hair Clips, Hair Pins, Headbands, Hats, and Wigs.

Particularly with Decora fashion there is a huge emphasis on filling the hair with as many clips and pins as possible. The crazier the better! If they’re bright and colorful, that’s an added bonus, besides the simple fact that they’ll keep your hair in place.

Headbands can really emphasize your hair itself, but they also can add a kawaii touch if they have cat shaped ears, for instance.

Wigs are great for adding a pop of color and setting your look apart. Bright or pastel colors make it appear you’ve just jumped out of an anime or manga, whereas more natural colors can enhance a more mature look. Either way, wigs are one of the best tools to really put yourself into character for a day.

Think berets for a soft and modern kawaii look, baseball caps for a tomboyish flair, top hats for elegance and androgyny, and finally mini top hats for an Alice In Wonderland-esque look!

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One need not spend copious amounts of money on jewelry for a kawaii look. Just a few pieces here and there that can be reused with different outfits, and you’re set! Costume jewelry is absolutely okay as well.

Earrings are some of the most popular choices. Coming as a pair, yours could have anime characters, cute charm-like designs, all sorts of colors, or simple elegance.

With bracelets it’s all about the color. For a mature kawaii look, stick to natural tones. For a pop and fun ensemble, try pastel or bright rainbow-like options and add little charms to them. Of course, wear multiple bracelets as well for a more intense look!

Contact Lenses:

Often overlooked but gaining popularity throughout the past few years, contact lenses not only give you an enhanced look with their multiple color options (ranging from natural to every color under the sun), but they also can set a sophisticated or Lolita-esque soft air about you depending on the ‘expression’ of the lens design.


Nails can be changed to suit your mood again and again! Be creative and try your own unique designs, or mix and match with paste-on plastic nails. Wear a similar color to your outfit for a seamless effect, or add a pop of bright color to add another layer of complexity.

Bags & Pouches

Quintessential no matter where you go, as there’s always something to carry! Fun and bright fashion pairs well with colorful backpacks complete with pins and badges to decorate them. Elegant kawaii fashion genres benefit from neutral colored pouches and handbags.


Whether you’re sporting sneakers, boots, sandals or heels, footwear is where you can really try whatever suits your fancy and discover a new look that goes well with some of your favorite outfits.

Think of all these ideas as a guide. When you wear something unique to yourself that you love, you’ll gain new confidence and feel comfortable. And who knows, you might even be able to start a brand new trend, just as fans of kawaii fashion have been doing for decades. Let us know in the comments below how you’ve been inspired and what kind of new looks you’d love to try soon! 

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