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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogHaida, Aggretsuko’s Lonely Hyena, Should Totally Get Together with Retusko in Season 4. Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

Haida, Aggretsuko’s Lonely Hyena, Should Totally Get Together with Retusko in Season 4. Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

By Thalia Harris
July 06, 2021

Aggretsuko’s Haida and Retsuko have had an uncertain relationship that rivals that of Ross and Rachel from Friends. Mainly due to Haida’s inability to confess to Retsuko, the two’s love life has remained uncertain during the past 3 seasons. But it looks like season 4 of Aggretsuko is fixing to change that.

Warning, if you haven’t seen all three seasons, just know that there are spoilers ahead!

1. He is Loyal

At the beginning of the first season, we meet Haida as Retsuko’s co-worker and her other good friend at the office, along with Fenneko. However, what Retsuko doesn’t know is that Haida has a longstanding crush on her. A 5 year long crush on her, according to Fenneko. His hesitation has had fans on edge in the first season, wondering when or if Haida will finally confess his feelings. But, while he has had trouble revealing them, his feelings have never wavered.

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When Inui is introduced in the second season she seems like the perfect match for Haida. This cute dog not only loves punk rock like him, but she also has a crush on him. Although he tries to make a relationship work, in the end, Haida still cannot forget his feelings for Retusko, so he turns Inui down.

2. He Care about Retsuko’s Happiness

Even when Haida’s emotions for Retusko get in the way, he tries his best to be supportive of her. When Retsuko is with Resasuke he gets very jealous. However, Haida accepts that Retsuko is happy with him, and is content with that, putting her feelings over his own. Later, after confessing to Retsuko and being rejected, he tries to give her space, and keep his own feelings in check. This shows that his affection for her is more than just a selfish possessiveness, as he would rather Retsuko be happy than be with him.

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3. The Have a Lot in Common

Their work life is similar, having worked together for 5 years, they understand the struggles of one another’s daily life. Outside of work, their hobbies are also similar. Haida is interested in the same genre of music as Retsuko. He even ends up teaching her to play guitar. Finally, they have the same type of plans for the future. Retsuko broke up with Tadano because he was not interested in marriage, whereas, when Retsuko brings up hypothetically marrying him, Haida responds positively.

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4. He Knows Retsuko Well

After Haida gets a 100% match with Retsuko on a dating app, he has trouble quelling his feelings. After he confesses to her again, Retsuko complains that he doesn’t really know her, he just loves an idealized image of her. Haida admits this to himself.  While Retsuko complains that Haida doesn’t truly know her, he still knows her far better than any of her other past love interests. Even before her revelation of singing death metal, he knew there was more to her than the good girl persona she portrayed. He told Fenneko that his interest was piqued when he spotted Retsuko stealing water from the office water cooler to take home. This showed him that she wasn’t perfect, just like him, and that the first thing he liked about her.

Finally, at the end of the third season, while there has been some debate amongst fans about the show’s handling of trauma, he tries to help Retsuko in a way that shows he knows her well. After being attacked by a stalker fan, Retusko refuses to leave her parent’s house. Haida then tries to convince her to leave her house and confront her fears using her own language of death metal karaoke. In the end, Retsuko is able to sing out her rage through her most familiar way of expressing herself.

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5. He Supports Retsuko

In Season 2,  Retsuko is afraid of confronting the new employee Anai, who has previously made complaints about her workplace bullying. Haida sticks up for Retsuko, telling Anai to do his work and stop being rude to Retsuko. This earns Haida a complaint from Anai as well. 

Retsuko was too afraid to share her singing with her co-workers, perhaps because she didn’t want to be judged and rejected by her co-workers. But when Haida found out about Retsuko’s idol work, he had her back. He even starts giving her guitar lessons so she can improve.

 Retsuko’s previous love interests were either overwhelmed by her death metal rage, or they argued back. However, Haida takes her hand and says “let’s go punch them back” actively showing his support for her.

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Did Retsuko ask Haida out?!

At the end of the third season, Retusuko asks Haida to join her for lunch. This reflects the time Haida asked Retsuko to join him for lunch. Does this mean they will have a real relationship in the 4th season? Only time will tell… The show is known for throwing curveballs and avoiding stereotypical fairytale endings, so the one thing we can expect with their relationship is the unexpected!

Do you think Retsuko and Haida should end up together? Let us know in the comments!

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