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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogGet to Know the Sailor Scouts Part 1 :The Inner Planets

Get to Know the Sailor Scouts Part 1 :The Inner Planets

By Serena
March 11, 2022

By now most people in the world have heard of or seen Sailor Moon, she has brand recognition that rivals Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. But, just because many people have heard of her, that doesn’t mean that everyone really knows about her and the rest of her planetary friends.

That is understandable considering the series is quite spread out among storylines, mediums, and time. 美少女戦士セーラームーン also known as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in English, written by Naoko Takeuchi, got its start technically in 1991 when it was serialized in Nakayoshi Comics. Though the idea and the basis of the series started earlier in 1991 with the series called Codename: Sailor V. The same Sailor V, or Sailor Venus, that shows up in the Sailor Moon universe. Check here for more information about the legend herself, Naoko Takeuchi.

In the first part of the series we meet the main character Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts or Sailor Soldiers for the rest of the inner planets closest to the sun. Here is a run down of all of those Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Moon – Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon as she appears on the cover of the first volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Our main character and the one at the heart of this story is Sailor Moon. She has gone by many names throughout her very long and reincarnated life. Originally born as Princess Serenity in the Moon Kingdom, she was later sent to Earth where she was reborn as a young Japanese girl named Usagi Tsukino. When translated and localized in English speaking countries her name was sometimes changed to Serena Tsukino, taken from her original name Serenity.

Our present day Usagi starts the story as a 14 year old middle school student who loves comics, video games, eating, and sleeping. Which is pretty relatable if you ask me. Her grades are average at best, and she is really just concerned with living a fun life with her friends. Many consider her an “airhead” and she often is the butt of many jokes in her friend groups. 

After getting the power to transform into Sailor Moon she matures more with every new struggle or battle she faces. She demonstrates time and time again her strength and willingness to do what she must to protect those around her. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and fights for the safety of her planet. Since she is the main character, we have compiled more information about Sailor Moon for those who are still curious about her.

Sailor Mercury – Ami Mizuno

Sailor Mercury as she appears on the cover of the second volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mercury’s name in the original series is Ami Mizuno, localized to Amy Anderson in some English versions. She is a classmate of Usagi and the first Sailor Scout that she befriends. Ami is a classic “bookworm,” as she is shy and often talks about studying and her grades.

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Sailor Mercury’s powers are water based due to the Japanese mythology which has named the planet Mercury as suisei, 水星 using the kanji characters for water 水 and for star 星. When she transforms into Sailor Mercury, her analytical nature comes in handy since many of the series plots are shrouded in mystery. Plus it never hurts to have someone who can stay calm and collected during heated battles.

Sailor Mars – Rei Hino

Sailor Mars as she appears on the cover of the third volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mars’ name in the original series is Rei Hino. It was localized to Raye Hino, as in short for the name Raven. She is the second Sailor Scout Usagi meets and befriends in the series. Rei attends a different private school than Usagi and Ami, and only meets Usagi by riding the same bus as her.

Even though their friendship started by Usagi’s deep admiration for such a “cool girl” on the bus, they often have a rocky relationship and bicker the most among the scouts. For many fans, anime and manga Rei and Usagi have the most differences in characterization of their friendship. Rei lives and works at Azabu Hikawa Shrine with her grandfather and possesses strong psychic and fortune telling abilities.

We took a trip to Azabu Hikawa Shrine so you can see what it is like in real life!

Sailor Jupiter – Makoto Kino

Sailor Jupiter as she appears on the cover of the fourth volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The next Sailor Scout that we meet is Sailor Jupiter. Her Japanese name is Makoto Kino but was localized to Lita Kino. She transfers into Juban Middle School where she meets Usagi and Ami. However due to her height she is forced to wear the uniform for her previous school because she can’t find a new one to fit her. 

With her height and strength she is often thought to be a “tomboy” by other characters and many fans. This is however contradicted by her personality which comes across as quite feminie. She dreams of getting married and opening a flower shop and belongs to the cooking and gardening club. But that isn’t to say that she isn’t powerful, she is super strong and uses electric and plant based attacks.

Sailor Venus – Minako Aino

Sailor Venus as she appears as Sailor V in the first volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The last Sailor Scout that we meet in person in the first part of the series is Sailor Venus or Minako Aino, localized as Mina Aiko. Though we are introduced to the mysterious Sailor V from the very beginning of the series as Usagi idolizes her.

Sailor Venus is the first Sailor Scout to learn of their former identity as a Sailor Warrior thanks to the white cat Artemis. Since she predates Sailor Moon, they have very similar character designs. However their personalities are very different as Minako is very smart and hardworking, and even dreams of being a famous pop star.

As Sailor V and Sailor Venus, Minako is the strongest of the scouts since she has had the most training and the most time to get used to her role as a Sailor Scout. She is also the most focussed on the mission at which is to find a special silver crystal and to protect the princess of the moon. 


Tuxedo Mask – Mamoru Chiba

Tuxedo Mask as he appears in the begining of chapter 27 in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

I know this is supposed to be about the Sailor Scouts but a question that is often asked by those who are not familiar with the series is, where is Sailor Earth? Well in short Sailor Moon and the Moon Kingdom looks over and protects Earth. But Earth was not without another protector, Prince Endymion. Prince Endymion ruled on Earth until he fell in love with Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and died trying to protect her and both of their homes.

Prince Endymion was reincarnated on Earth along with the rest of the Sailor Guardians, and also had his memories wiped in the process as well. In the present day of the series he lives as Mamoru Chiba, localized to Darien Shields, as a high school student, while also aiding the Sailor Scouts as Tuxedo Mask.

Fans are often surprised by the change in attitude and personality from manga Mamoru to anime Mamoru since his mischievous and bickering relationship with Usagi is played up. In general he is a handsome and athletic young man with many admirers. He also has a sad past in which he lost his parents after being reborn in the modern age thus leaving him to live and grow up alone. 

Enjoyed learning about the Inner Guardians from the Sailor Moon series? Stay tuned for part two where we take a closer look at the Sailor Scouts for the outer planets and Sailor Chibi Moon. 

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