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BT21 Plushies: The Cutest Plushies Ever!

By Linh
March 28, 2023
A bunch of colorful BT21 plushies on display.

Whether you are a BTS fan or not, when it comes to BT21 – BTS’s official franchised characters, we bet you’ll fall in love with their cuteness and characteristics. Currently, BT21 is available in various merchandise collections, but their plushies are the most popular!

BT21’s beginning

BT21, the inaugural initiative of FRIENDS CREATORS, is a character brand developed in 2017 from a collaboration between the K-Pop Group BTS and LINE FRIENDS. Unlike other collaborations that mostly use third-party designers, the BT21 Plushies x LINE FRIENDS franchise had direct input from the famous music group themselves! Their creativity shines with not only the characters’ designs but also their backstories!

The collection comprises eight distinct and endearing characters: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN. The name BT21 was inspired by Suga, who stated that the characters should reflect BTS and the twenty-first century for them to live for the next 100 years.

From Franchised Characters to Global Famous Mascots

Following their formal debut in September 2018, the BT21 character stickers were released in October and have amassed over 8 million downloads.

The BT21 merchandise line was also introduced inside LINE Friends stores in Korea, followed by pop-up stores in other Asian countries and the United States. BT21, like its creators, BTS, has acquired worldwide adoration and success. There is also a BT21-themed advertising campaign for Incheon International Airport.

The BT21 plushies collection is likely the most popular lineup product of BT21 in LINE Friend’s official store. There are numerous adorable BT21 plushies available, including face cushions, double-sided pillows, standing dolls, and key chains.

BT21 Plushies’ Character Summaries!

TATA, the prince of BT, comes to Earth with his partner, the space robot VAN, to spread love throughout the universe. He began his search for a companion after concluding that “being a famous star” was the finest way to offer love to the Earth.

TATA joined forces with KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, and COOKY to form BT21, to become the most outstanding star in the cosmos. BT21, each with its distinct personality and narrative, shines even brighter when they are all together!

A brief intro BT21 Plushies’ Universe 


TATA, also known as “Tae tae,” is a unique character created by V. While most members create animal figures, V created a non-human character with a heart-shaped face. TATA can alter his body into anything he wishes and effortlessly expand and retract his limbs.

Picture of the heart-shaped character TATA, from the BT21 Plushies series.
TATA is a prince from space who wants to spread the love! Image via Amazon

TATA is an eccentric prince from the planet BT who comes from a royal family that includes king FAFA, prince TUTU, and princess TITI. He was dissatisfied with the rigid royal lifestyle and was always fascinated by the universe.

The plot begins when TATA embarks on an adventure tour with the AI robot VAN. He came to Earth and joined with other members to form BT21, an organization striving to become the most powerful star in the cosmos.

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As a member of the group BT21, VAN is known for being a kind-hearted and gentle soul. His character design is inspired by outer space, featuring a round white body with a blue face and bunny-like ears.

A half white and gray robot plushie named VAN from the BT21 Plush series.
VAN is a half-white, half-gray robot who accompanies TATA to Earth. Image via Maniacs

Despite being quiet, VAN is deeply caring and always looks out for his friends. He has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy, making him a great source of comfort and support for those around him. This ability also allows him to travel through space and time, making him an important member of the BT21 team.

Fans of VAN admire his peaceful and calming presence, as well as his selflessness and loyalty. His character represents the importance of positivity and the power of empathy, making him a beloved addition to the BT21 Plushies collection.


RJ, an alpaca, was created by BTS’s eldest member, Jin.RJ enjoys eating and cooking and is calm, polite and bows nicely. RJ’s tribe makes a living by selling their own wool, but RJ dislikes it. RJ also has a secret: his demeanor will change if he does not wash his body. Another personality is DJ, who gets angry quickly and resembles RJ’s evil twin.

A white alpaca BT21 Plush names RJ. He has a red bandanna around his neck.
RJ is very cuddly and fluffy! Image via Hot Topic

If DJ can take a shower, he returns his attention to RJ. VAN and TATA kidnapped him one night. RJ fled town to avoid shaving his fur and possibly hide his secret. He may seem intense, but don’t worry–even BTS thinks he’s the cutest character in the group!


Jungkook created the character COOKY, a pinkish bunny. His twisted brows, crooked ears, and heart butt are his charms. COOKY enjoys working out to acquire muscle, but his muscles remain fictitious despite his efforts.

A pink bunny plushie named Cooky.
Though he had a rough start as a kid, Cooky grew up to be a great boxer! Image via Amazon

COOKY grew up as a frail child, but his father, C-GUL, a boxer, taught him boxing to help him overcome his struggles. He began boxing lessons with two friends named JOOKY and IAN.

They wanted to be friends forever until IAN became evil and wounded JOOKY, leading him astray. COOKY was seeking IAN when he met TATA and VAN, who convinced him to join him in becoming univer-stars.


BTS’s leader, RM, created KOYA, a considerate and compassionate koala who always appears drowsy. RM is a bright member with an IQ of 148 who speaks English, Japanese, and Korean. KOYA, like RM, is intelligent and often immersed in meditation, to the point that he appears to be asleep.

A cute blue koala BT21 plush names KOYA.
Like most koalas, KOYA lives peacefully in the forest. Image via Hot Topic

KOYA eats eucalyptus and lives in a beautiful forest with many small bird buddies. His best friend is a talking eucalyptus named LEAF. VAN was searching for a new member of BT21 in the forest where KOYA resides. When VAN discovered him, KOYA was alone in the jungle, looking up at the night sky during one of his sleepless evenings. KOYA afterward joined them after hearing their story.


Jimin created Chimmy, a lovely little doggy who loves to dance and frolic. JIMIN’s nickname, “Chim Chim,” inspired the moniker CHIMMY. He always has his tongue out and wears a yellow hoodie. His disposition is passionate, joyful, and diligent, similar to Jimin’s.

Chimmy’s tale is one of the most heartbreaking. His parents abandoned him in a box with nothing but a harmonica on a cold winter day. When he was down, he would play his harmonica; all he needed was someone to listen to him. Despite his efforts to befriend the objects he discovered, he was still alone because they usually abandoned him.

A puppy plushie named Chimmy. He has white fur and wears a yellow hoodie.
Chimmy loves to dance and have fun! Image via Pinterest

Nevertheless, things changed on another cold day when Chimmy sat on the roof’s edge and played his harmonica. TATA and VAN were flying above and saw him. When Chimmy finished playing, he realized TATA had been listening to him and began to clap. Chimmy was no longer alone for the first time and joined TATA.


SHOOKY is a mystical cookie that can repair itself, created by BTS’s rapper – Suga. He has a naughty nature and an abundance of expressions and frequently rides on the shoulders of other characters, particularly COOKY. His dislikes include milk because it melts on his hands.

Image via Amazon

SHOOKY and many other cute tiny cookies were born in Bakery Tiny Sweet. Together, people know them as the “crunchy squad,” a team that works hard but plays even harder.

Mr. MUSTACHU, his grandfather and the store’s baker, became unwell one day due to sour milk. SHOOKY needed to save his family bakery, so he hired a new patissier to help pay the hospital bill. This journey also brought him into contact with TATA.


J-HOPE, BTS’s dance leader, created MANG, a masked pony who enjoys dancing. In real life, whenever J-HOPE laughs, his lips shape into a heart. Therefore, he incorporated this same characteristic into MANG’s design, particularly his nose. His name comes from the Korean word “himang,” which means “hope.”

A BT21 Plush with a horse mask named MANG. He has a lavender body and blue horse head mask.
MANG hides his face behind a mask. image via Hot Topic

Mang is the lone purple horse in his horse town when everyone else is blue. MANG is a quiet man who expresses himself via music and dance. His tutor is CONN, a Horsetown celebrity who teaches him and his competitor GWANG how to perform. MANG has outstanding dance skills, but he is afraid to go on stage because he is concerned about the eyes of others.

Seeing his insecurity, his mentor provided a mask to help him obtain the courage to compete in a dancing competition. He eventually did a powerful dance and sent the audience into a frenzy.

MANG joined BT21 to become a universal celebrity and the king of dance with his incredible dancing abilities. No one has seen MANG’s natural face because his face is a mask. He stated that when he achieved success, he would remove his mask.

These adorable plushies are excellent for home decorating and as gifts for loved ones! Do you adore these BT21 plushies as much as we do? What is your favorite character, and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

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