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Bathroom Wall Art: Best Kawaii Decor

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
March 29, 2024
Cute pink bathroom accessories, which would match well with wall art.

Bathroom wall art can turn a regular bathroom into one of your home’s most fun and coziest rooms. Check out these great ways to make your bathroom kawaii today! Everyone knows one of the most rewarding things in the world is finally being able to decorate a room the way you’ve always wanted to.

When the pictures go on the walls, the figures displayed on the shelves, and the fancy candles get lit, there’s a feeling of the utmost satisfaction in a transformed room!

Bathroom Wall Art

A bathroom with the right colors can reduce stress and make it look bigger. It can also set the tone for your theme. Floral tones work well with kawaii aesthetics. Matching wall art can create a welcoming atmosphere and serve as eye candy.

Tokyo-themed bathroom wall art.
Bathroom wall art can make your place much brighter! Image via Ubuy

Moreover, a picture of cute kawaii frogs, ducks, or Sanrio-themed art can make your bathroom more welcoming. Since space is limited, choosing what to adorn your walls takes time and consideration. Overall, the perfect wall art in your bathroom gives you something fun to look at and think about.

Shower Curtain

An adorable shower curtain with a cat motif.
You can have a lively shower curtain as well! Image via Joom

Easily one of the biggest and most quickly noticed items in a bathroom, your shower curtain should do more than keep water in your bathtub. Have fun with your shower curtain! There are also many kawaii designs, from floral patterns to cute animals and curtains decorated with almost any character or series imaginable. Choosing a good shower curtain will anchor your bathroom, tying the theme together and drawing your guest’s attention to your chosen aesthetics.

Bathroom Mat

A cute bathroom mat with a night Tokyo motif.
A bathroom mat not only spruces up the room but can prevent you from following over! Image via eBay.

As simple as they are, bathroom mats deserve ample respect. They keep your floor clean and dry and give you something soft and comfortable to stand on when using your bathroom. A well-chosen bathroom mat helps bring your theme together and makes your bathroom look well put together, inviting, and complete. And they come in all kinds of shapes and characters, too! Don’t feel bad about standing on Cinnamoroll’s face when you brush your teeth. He’s there to help!

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A well-cared-for house plant will make any room in your home better. It’s that simple. It’s important to remember that if you choose to include a plant in your bathroom, it has access to sunlight during the day (interior bathrooms with no windows might not be the best place to have one.)

Cute bathroom plants.
Every house needs a cute plant! Image via eBay.

Succulents are perfect plants for bathrooms. They are small, don’t grow out of their pots, and require minimal care aside from occasional watering. A succulent can be the perfect addition to your bathroom if you’re going for a cute animal-themed kawaii aesthetic.

Tissue Box Cover

A cute maneki neko print tissue box.
Cute tissue boxes are all the rage! Image via Ali Express

Tissues are necessities for any home. More specifically, tissue box covers take average-looking tissue boxes and turn them into something fun. Whether a cute and fluffy cat or a happy little cloud, tissue box covers give personality to an otherwise drab and everyday object. Tissue box covers are easily overlooked additions to a cute room, but guests will be sure to exclaim how cute they are when they visit.

Why should I have decor like bathroom wall art?

Proper interior design is more than just putting a figure or two on a flat surface and calling it a day. Every part of its design must be approached to bring a room together. This doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive project; it only means that covering all your bases will pay off in the long run. Choosing a cute bathroom set with soap dishes, hand soap pumps, and toothbrush holders is a great place to start. 

Cherry blossom bathroom wall art above a bathtub.
Cherry blossoms are a timeless motif. Image via eBay

Moving on to more oversized items like mats, towels, and shower curtains helps finalize your design choices. Putting the final touches on a great piece of wall art is the cherry on top. Bathrooms should be places where you and your guests feel welcome and relaxed. No one wants to go into a bathroom where their first thought is how quickly they can get back out. Have fun picking out the kawaii aesthetic that makes you happy! It’s your bathroom: design it the way you want to!

Bathroom wall art with a future funk motif.
What kind of bathroom wall art would you like in your home? Image via Joom

Do you have a super cute kawaii bathroom? What kind of decorations do you have in it? Do you have that one unique piece of art hanging on the wall? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about your kawaii bathroom décor!

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