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5 Ways to Incorporate Kawaii Style into Your Wardrobe

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Who doesn't want to look more Kawaii? Kawaii means cute in Japanese and can represent so many things. For example, if you walk past a store in Japan and there’s a cute plushie inside it you might want to say “What a Kawaii plushie!”. A lot of japanese fans even turn this into a style that is very adaptable to wear by anyone.



You might want to steal these ideas into your wardrobe to look even more kawaii. Your kawaii-ness will be increased if you follow this guidance. 

Here are 5 ways to incorporate a Kawaii Style into your wardrobe:

1. Pastel-colored clothes

If you search “kawaii outfit” in your search engine, most of the pictures you will see are pastel-colored clothes. There are a lot of varieties of pastel colors you can choose, the most popular colors are soft pink and soft purple. You can either put them together as one piece or mix it with white pants to look even more soft or just like in the pictures you can mix it with dark jeans pants.

2. Oversized tops

This is the item you must have if you want to look kawaii or even cute in general. Sometimes styles can go backwards in time. And in this case, people are trying to leave the skinny jeans behind and start wearing oversized clothes again. You can pretty much combine oversized tops with anything, or you can just leave it alone, just like the picture below. Tucked in high-waisted short jeans also work. You will look kawaii either way.


3. Long socks and fishnet tights

After putting in your oversized tops, you may need to complete your look by wearing long socks or fishnet tights. Long socks can help you in cold weather and keep your legs warm. While fishnet tights can be rocked  in summer or in warm weather to still look kawaii.

4. Short skirts

To look kawaii, you can combine your look by wearing a short skirt. Just like the picture below, you can tuck in your t-shirt to your skirt and mix it with fishnet tights. We can guarantee, you will achieve your kawaii look. White color skirts are preferable to compliment pastel-colored tops.

5. Outerwear

This is an additional outfit item you can rock if you want to step up your kawaii look. Bold outerwear will make your kawaii-ness increase. You can choose a pastel-colored outer or just like the girl in the picture below by choosing the plaid pattern with big pockets. Kawaii and practical!

Let us know which style you'll be rocking this season in the comments below!

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