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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogFive Must-Visit Stores To Buy Kawaii Japan Halloween Decorations! 

Five Must-Visit Stores To Buy Kawaii Japan Halloween Decorations! 

By Bianca Bache
October 22, 2022

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your spooky celebrations! And what better place to find inspiration for a party than Japan Halloween decorations. Japan is known for holding popular events for Halloween. Places like Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo DisneyLand and Sanrio Puroland Tokyo all hold kawaii Halloween events throughout October and on Halloween day. 

Although Japan has adopted many traits from Halloween traditions, like Halloween costumes, both kawaii and kowai (cute and scary), limited edition Halloween foods and Halloween parades. But one thing that hasn’t really caught on is trick or treating. So, instead of going door knocking, people celebrate fright night by going to a street party, or by hosting one!

Small orange pumpkin jack-o-lantern
Some stores sell mini real pumpkins with face stickers! Image via Shutterstock

Happy Halloween Host

Take a page out of the Japanese Halloween holiday guide and host your own unique Halloween party! But, if you’ve never hosted a spooky night, it’s hard to know where to start. Here at YumeTwins, we’ve scoured the best places in Tokyo and Japan to find the spookiest and cutest Halloween decorations you can buy. So whether you’re after an adorable costume, some extra boo-tiful flag garlands or devilishly tasty candy, these 5 stores have it all! 

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Store shelf with Halloween decorations on it
Daiso is a must visit dollar store in Japan. Image via Shutterstock

Where to find Japan Halloween decorations


Daiso is the most well known 100 yen shop (0.70 USD) in Japan. The store offers a massive variety of unique and quickie products, boasting over 70,000 different items in their range. Daiso’s array of items spans over kitchen goods, lifestyle items, snacks, cosmetics, DIY goods, and stationery. And of course when there are seasonal and holiday items sprinkled in! During spring Daiso released an expulsion of pastel coloured sakura (cherry blossom) seasonal items. Later in the year, even as early as the end of August Daiso starts to release their winter holiday event items. Firstly starting with Halloween, then Christmas, and finally New Years! 

This means months in advance you can start planning your kawaii Halloween party! But what exactly does Daiso carry that will help you celebrate Halloween? First of all Daiso is a licensed retailer of Disney items, so they can sell an abundance of Mickey Mouse and friends items. This covers flags, garlands, masking tape, hanging decorations, window stickers, and cutlery. Beyond Disney the shelves are filled with pumpkins, skeletons, hanging lights, signs, and ornaments. Daiso is the best place to visit for super cute decorations and budget friendly party supplies! 

Pokémon Pikachu and Ganger in front of Don Quijote with Japan Halloween Decorations
Don Quijote is filled with exciting Halloween decorations. Image via YumeTwins

Don Quijote

Don Quijote pronounced “Don key-hoh-tey” is one of the top tier stores to visit in Japan. It’s known for its highly stacked shelves, tightly packed rows, loud music and flashing lights. Don Quijote provides Japanese styled products, souvenirs, food items and of course seasonal items. You will find absolutely everything you’ll need to celebrate Halloween in Japan, like costumes, specialty makeup, fake color lenses, Halloween candles and halloween decorations!

In comparison to Daiso, Don Quijote has a bigger variety of decorations and better quality items. If you’re wanting to theme your party, like a haunted house, this is the place to go! You can find large helium ghost balloons, orange and black extra long pumpkin streamers, and spooky spider webs! Don Quijote has all things to make a cute, but scary Halloween! 

Women entering loft shibuya
Loft Shibuya is known as being a ‘lifestyle specialist’ store. Image via Shutterstock


Loft has 117 stores scattered across Japan, and is known for being the ‘lifestyle specialist’ store. They stock goods like stationery, watches and accessories, health products, homewares and variety goods. If you could go to any of the stores in Japan, we suggest going to the Shibuya, Tokyo store. This 7 floor layout is a treasure trove of goodies that could put a smile on any buyer’s face! The seasonal display is placed on the ground floor, which is particularly worth a visit for all Halloween treats! Loft specializes in curating festive items that have a fun Japanese culture twist on them.   

Tokyu Hands in a mall with people lined up
Stroll the isles of Tokyu Hands, Japans best knick knack stores! Image via Shutterstock

Japan Halloween Decorations at Tokyu Hands 

Much like Loft, Tokyu Hands is a ‘lifestyle specialist’ store. From stationery to toilet-seat covers, Tokyu Hands boasts being the largest household goods store in Tokyo. It’s packed with all sorts of cute knick knacks for the home. But, one area that makes Tokyu Hands unique is the very interesting party supply section. The store has an extensive range of upmarket seasonal items. So, whether you’re looking to go full out spooky kawaiiness or just need a few accessories, it should have what you need to get you through Halloween! 

Halloween decorations on a table with people behind them
Get the full experience of Japan with extra kawaii Halloween decorations! Image via Shutterstock

If you want to experience Halloween as a true Japanese celebration, going to these stores will really aid you in your adventure. Go forth and start planning your Kawaii Halloween Party!

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