YumeTwins July 2019 Giveaway Winners Announced!

29 July 2019 by 600148bd189bb1311dec357562e255f1d4fb65a2 annisa min7 min Ann

YumeTwins' July 2019 Giveaway Winners Announced! ´・ᴗ・`

The winners of July giveaway are finally here! It is time for us to announce the name of the winners, check the names below:

Mattia B

Denise C

Aurélie N

Cynthia L

Catherine T

Beth J

Kathryn E H

Carrie M

Mikhail R

Kimberly T

If your name is listed above, congratulations!! Our staff will contact you ASAP to help you claiming your free YumeTwins box prize.

The next giveaway will be live soon. If you haven't won yet, please try again. Good luck! 💖

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