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YumeTwins | October 2021 Theme – Halloween Cuties

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Introducing our 'Halloween Cuties' box theme!

Dear YumeTwins Fam,
The air outside is crisp, the leaves crunch and crinkle beneath our feet, caramel apples sit on the windowsill, and — uh oh! — looks like some kind of ghostly figure is just hanging out over there?! This can only mean one thing: it's time to wish everyone a happy Halloween!

We think everyone can agree that this time of year is one of the most exciting! For many people, it's a chance to show off their creative side with interesting costumes and fun decorations all over the house. We've filled this Halloween Cuties YumeTwins box with spooky-kawaii goodness to make this year's celebration the best one yet!

Bakeneko Festival

Have you heard of the Bakeneko Festival before? We think you'll love it! This festival is a small yet well-loved event held every October to celebrate cats and their contribution to Japanese folklore and literature.

In Japanese 'bake' (pronounced 'bah-cay') means 'changed' or 'transformed' and is often used to refer to ghosts, and 'neko' of course means 'cat' – which together provides the spooky yet cute foundation for this festival.

Inspired by the Natsume Soseki novel 'I Am a Cat', the festival is held in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, the area in which the author lived. It's a quiet neighborhood, yet it's not far from central Tokyo, making it ideal for fans of felines to come join in the festivities.

All that's asked of revelers is that they show up in their best cat costume! Costumes are always imaginative and range from scary ghost-like cats, to super kawaii type creations, so it's truly the event for any and all cat lovers to celebrate! 

Festival goers can enjoy food stalls, a parade, street performances, and more! It's great fun to see people eating, shopping, and just hanging out in their cat-inspired attire throughout the day. What kind of cat-themed costume would you wear to this event?

October Box Sneak Peeks!

Take a look at some of the exciting kawaii merch coming in your Halloween Cuties box!

A YumeTwins Exclusive design, Kuromi is ready to win any Halloween costume contest!

Pikachu's watchful eyes keep your trick-or-treat candy haul safe from hungry ghouls!

Complete your Halloween look with a lip gloss or eyeshadow + lip & cheek tint palette! Inspired by characters from Fate/Grand Order, in a special Sanrio collab style!

Be festive with Sanrio temporary tattoos and get a candy treat as well!

YumeTwins Is the Gift That Keeps Giving

For a chance to win some special prizes to go along with your new YumeTwins box, we encourage you to participate in October's Photo Contest! Each month we select 1-2 Grand Prize winners & 5 Runners-Up who'll win free YumeTwins boxes plus other kawaii prizes! This time, you'll have a chance to win a Rilakkuma Halloween Plushie, a Korilakkuma Halloween Plushie, or a Rilakkuma Halloween Clear Folder Set! Find out more about how to enter the Photo Contest in the booklet that comes with your box!

Thanks for taking a look at what's in store with YumeTwins this month! We hope you'll absolutely love your box, and we can't wait to see any pics that you share showing how you're using and enjoying your newest kawaii favorites! Use #yumetwins on social media to share!

Interested in the 'Halloween Cuties' box from YumeTwins? Get yours now!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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