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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogTop 10 Cutest Ghost-Type Pokémon

Top 10 Cutest Ghost-Type Pokémon

By Tanner
September 24, 2020

Top 10 Cutest Ghost-Type Pokémon

When thinking of the cutest Pokemon out there – ghost types are probably low on your list. Afterall, some of the most powerful ghost type Pokemon are designed to be pretty intimidating! Despite that, of course, there’s still quite a few ghost types out there that are cute enough to steal your heart – or – steal your soul! Even the cutest ghost types often have super creepy Pokedex entries that will keep you up at night. Perhaps it’s best to admire these petrifying Pocket Monsters from afar! 

10. Phantump

Phantump is the perfect example of what this list is all about. A cute, spooky little face, wispy hair and a unique design make for an endearing Pokemon. Look at him! He just wants a hug! The fact that Phantump is a dual grass type / ghost type also gives him an interesting twist – that’s one of the more rare type combinations out there. 

A Phantump is created when the spirit of a child gets lost in the forest and dies! The cries a Phantump makes are said to resemble the eerie screams of a child. Yikes! 

9. Duskull 

Duskull is a pure ghost type Pokemon with such a cooky design you can’t help but love it! Intended to be a stylized representation of the Grim Reaper, Duskull almost looks like a little old lady hunched over wearing a cute costume! A single eye floats between its two eye sockets, and its hood almost looks like a fancy hairdo! 

According to various Pokedex entries across generations, Duskull is said to spirit away disobedient children, and also has the ability to turn invisible and phase through walls! Perhaps there’s a sinister connection between Duskull and Phantump.

8. Drifloon 

Drifloon has got to be one of the least intimidating Pokemon of all time. Another dual type (ghost / flying), Drifloon are created when a group of wandering souls merge together. According to Drifloon’s Pokedex entries from generation VII, Drifloon takes children by the hand and attempts to drag them away to the afterlife – with its body expanding each time it does so successfully. That said, Drifloon apparently dislikes heavy children – so you may want to bulk up as a precaution! 

7. Marshadow

Introduced in generation VII – Marshadow is a fierce ghost/fighting type Pokemon with a legendary reputation! No really – so few people have ever encountered a Marshadow that its very existence has become a myth! Marshadow likes to hide in the shadow of others to keep from being noticed, and when doing so, it can absorb the feelings and abilities of those it follows. 

Its fighting spirit – which it gets from following the shadows of martial arts masters – is inspiring! With the appearance of a little teddy bear, Marshadow is definitely one of the cutest ghost type Pokemon – and probably one of the cutest fighting types, too! 

6. Jellicent

Don’t let the goofy looks of these water/ghost type Pokemon fool you! While the male Jellicent almost looks like a regal representation of the Pringles man, and the female version a queen with a heart shaped nose and fluffy white collar – they’re known to be absolute terrors of the sea! 

Jellicent’s Pokedex entries explain that during a full moon, schools of Jellicent will gather and attack cruise ships and tankers that pass through their waters! It’s said that Jellicent pulls these ships and their passengers down into the ocean, never to be found again. 

5. Sandygast

How could you be afraid of this little guy!? Considering Sandygast is literally a spooky-sandcastle (and ghost/ground type), it’s no surprise that it originated in generation VII’s Alola region. 

A Sandygast is born after the grudges of defeated Pokemon sink deep into the sand of Alolan beaches. It’s said that sticking one’s hand into the mouth of a Sandygast is a show of courage and strength in the Alola region – but you better think twice before doing so! Anyone that puts their hand in this ghost type’s mouth, or grabs their shovel, will be taken under the Sandygast’s control. This is most often used by the Sandygast to make its victim shovel more sand on top of it, helping it grow bigger and bigger!

4. Misdreavus

Misdreavus is another pure ghost type Pokemon that originated all the way back in generation II of the world famous video games! Among a large list of classic ghost type moves, Misdreavus also has the handy levitate ability! 

Nocturnal by nature, Misdreavus sleeps all day long before going out at night to spook unsuspecting adventurers from behind with its shrill cry! Unlike most other Ghost Pokemon on this list, though, Misdreavus doesn’t want to harm anyone! They’re just looking for a good laugh, making them one of the less sinister creatures in the Pokemon world. 

3. Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is seriously too cute! The holes in its body – which resembles a pumpkin- light the way for lost travelers in the dark forest. It’s also said that Pumpkaboo carry wandering spirits to the afterlife, with their size increasing from Small, Average, Large and Super Size as they gather more and more wayward souls. According to its Pokedex entries, small Pumpkaboo prefer guiding souls of children, and larger Pumpkaboo guide adults. 

2. Litwick

Litwick is a cute candle Pokemon with a purple flame that burns atop its head. Like many other ghost types on this list, Litwick uses its light to guide travelers through the dark – but they’ll never reach their destination! Litwick is really taking them to the Ghost World – and sucking away their life force while they go! 

1. Mimikyu

Introduced in generation VII, Mimikyu has quickly found its way into every Pokemon trainer’s heart. According to Mimikyu’s various Pokedex entries, its true form is unknown – and is said to be so terrifying that anyone who sees it will die from shock! In order to protect itself and others around it, Mimikyu wears a disguise modeled after Pikachu, the most recognizable and beloved Pokemon, to look less scary. Some say it makes Mimikyu look even creepier, but we can’t help but feel sorry for it, and we think Mimikyu deserves the top spot of cutest Ghost Type Pokemon for effort alone!

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