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Kawaii Date Spots in Tokyo for Valentine’s Day

By Serena
January 08, 2022

With St. Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time when many start preparing for the perfect date. Whether you want to stay in or go out, there is a lot to plan: from the activity to the food and maybe even a present or a Valentine’s Day card for your special someone.

With things like “Gal-entine’s Day,” becoming more common, February 14th can also be a fun day to hang out with friends and non-romantic partners. There are many kinds of love to show on the day of love.  

So what should you do if you find yourself and a partner in Tokyo on February 14th? Here is a list of fun and kawaii date spots around Tokyo for you to enjoy.

Tokyo SkyTree

There is plenty to do in and around Tokyo’s highest structure. Standing at 2,080 feet (634m) tall, Tokyo SkyTree gives you a romantic and panoramic view of the city and more from either of its observation decks. If heights are not your thing, then the many shops and restaurants at the base of the tower might be more enjoyable. 

The Kirby Cafe is a must for those who want to experience a little kawaii goodness on their Valentine’s Day. A giant Whispy Woods stands in the center of this cafe with the rest of the interior designed to put you into the world of Kirby. A specially crafted menu lets you eat Kirby shaped food and drink prepared by Chef Kirby! Some menu items even come with a souvenir plate or bowl to take home after the meal. 

A Kirby Burger with a pink bun with Kirby’s face on it, star shaped potato fries, a side of pasta, and a small cup of corn soup. A perfectly kawaii meal for a perfectly kawaii date.

Check out this list of beautiful cafes in Tokyo for more ideas on where to have a more romantic dinner.

If you want a fun activity before or after your Kirby meal, ice skating at the rink on the SkyTree property might be fun to try out. Are your legs as stable as a baby deer’s on ice skates? Hold on to your partner for stability or fall together in solidarity. Either way there are sure to be a lot of laughs.  


If heights and skates are a little too much for you and your partner, try something a little more colorful. TeamLab has two digital art museums in Tokyo that are perfect for anyone trying to get instagram worthy shots, possibly even a beautiful proposal shot. Whether it is platonic or romantic love, TeamLab is a great place to go with a partner.

TeamLab Borderless is located next to the Venus Fort shopping mall in the Odaiba area. You may be familiar with Odaiba if you know about the very large Gundam Unicorn statue that is stationed there. Fans of the Gundam anime, manga, and games can get a picture in front of the figure or watch it light up at night. Although the Gundam can be very romantic to some, a more conventional date spot would be inside of the digital world of TeamLab. 

Borderless is a space where art meets innovation meets light, creating a dream world that meshes seamlessly with reality. There are many installations and exhibits to see, but make sure you don’t miss the Forest of Lamps for a dreamy kawaii picture, or the interactive Future park where you can watch your own creations come alive in the digital and physical world. 

The second option is TeamLab Planets TOKYO, located in the Toyosu area, and though they have some similar exhibits, Planets has some unique works of interactive art. At Planets, attendees must first take off their shoes for this immersive and sometimes watery art experience. Some areas are filled with calf deep water, while others are covered from floor to ceiling in mirrors and real live flowers. Make sure to wear appropriate clothes!

Looking for some kawaii goods for your special someone or even yourself? Check out YumeTwins for kawaii gifts for yourself or others. 

Sunroad Shopping Street

Another classic date idea is window shopping, and the Sunroad Shopping Street in Kichijoji is a fun place to check that out. There are many popular shops, restaurants, second hand stores, and even a Round 1 Amusement Center. Try your luck at winning a plush toy for your partner in the massive crane game area or see who can score more points in bowling or basketball.

The best part about the Sunroad Shopping Street is the roof, which means no matter the weather forecast, you can always have an enjoyable time! 

Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea

Of course there is always the possibility of a Disneyland date for Valentine’s Day. Disney theme parks are designed to be enjoyed by both Disney fans and non fans, and by children and adults, so that everyone can have a memorable time. 

Couples in Japan often wear matching clothes or matching headbands for a cute couples outfit while at Disney. Coordinating the Disney accessories for your look before your trip can be fun, or you can pick buy them on the day of at the park to show off your Disney pride.  

Tokyo Disneyland is similar to the Disneyland or Magic Kingdom many have grown up with, but with a few region-specific foods, goods, and special atmosphere. The cast members also speak English and many other languages, so even those not comfortable in Japanese can have an enjoyable time.

Tokyo DisneySea is unique to the Tokyo Disney Resort with some more exclusive attractions, areas, goods, and food. Hang out by the waterfront of the Mediterranean Harbor or travel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in this water-themed Disney park. 

Yoyogi Park Picnic

All of these places are great, but if you’re looking for a classic date then you can’t go wrong with a picnic in the park. One of the most popular hangout spots in Tokyo is Yoyogi Park, located just a short walk away from Harajuku Station. 

Make a heartfelt lunch for you and your partner from scratch or just grab something on the way from a local conbini for a fun and romantic outing. Check here for some cute Sanrio food inspiration for your kawaii picnic menu. You could also go the extra mile and decorate your picnic blanket with red roses or other kawaii goods to stylize your picnic. The classic picnic date is tried and true, allowing the most personalization & versatility. 

Looking to stay in on February 14th? Rilakkuma has some advice on how to relax and embrace a stress free night. No matter what you do, make sure to have fun and enjoy it.   

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