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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogPlay Animal Crossing Birthdays, Weddings & Other Fun Events!  

Play Animal Crossing Birthdays, Weddings & Other Fun Events!  

By Bianca Bache
November 24, 2022

Animal Crossing is one of the most loved and adored video game series. Fans take to the Nintendo game as a way to connect with friends and relax after a working day. In the most recent addition, Animal Crossing: New Horizons topped gaming charts and created a platform for thousands of users to enjoy on a daily basis. 

In the expansive game you have full reign over the land, farming, villagers, village relationships and your home. But arguably one of the most exciting attributes to the game is the events! The in-game holidays and events like the villager Animal Crossing birthdays, weddings, seasonal picnics, tournaments and specility days is what creates a buzz of excitement. Players wait in anticipation for the seasonal events, seasonal items, DIY recipes, and changes in the season. 

Sit back and unwind with YumeTwins as we look into the best holidays and fun events in Animal Crossing!

animal crossing birthdays celebrations with a birthday cake
Celebrate birthdays in the cutest way possible! Image via Game8

Animal Crossing birthdays

When you first start to curate your island as your perfect slice of paradise, you’ll start taking note of what characters you love. You’ll go island hopping and create a list of villagers that would compliment your island’s vibes. Whether that be snooty characters like the starry-eyed bear Judy, or the Egyptian cat Animal Crossing, Ankha. Or even having a whole island filled with a specific villager species, like dogs! There are even 28 different dogs in total to choose from, so you’ll have an abundance of personality and appearances to choose from.

Although it may take many many playing hours, many Nook Miles tickets and a whole lot of patience you could craft your most loved island cast. Along with their personalities, all villagers have an assigned birthday. Villager birthdays in Animal Crossing are not just normal days either! They are a super fun event to participate in. The birthday celebrations are a talk amongst the villagers a couple of days before it happens, but if you don’t interact with villagers it’s an easy thing to miss.

Birthday parties

Birthdays in New Horizons involves having an adorable birthday party where most of the villagers attend and eat cake. Just don’t forger to wish the lucky birthday animal a “happy birthday”! When you visit the party that is thrown in the villagers house remember to bring a gift too! Otherwise you might get a few side-eye glances. Awkward!   

If you want to take it a step further you can always search up the birthday villagers and keep an adorable calendar of all their names and dates. 

animal crossing on switch with two characters in the background
Join the ACNH community and begin the search for your favorite characters. Image via Shutterstock

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Animal Crossing weddings

Now, the wedding season can be separated into two events. Firstly, there is the official wedding in June. This event involves heading to Harv’s island and taking adorable photos of the two llamas, Reese and Cyrus. This wedding event is based around their wedding anniversary, and celebrating it by decorating the photo studio for the ceremony. This event is a great way to get limited edition furniture and outfits. 

Now, the unofficial event that is equally as fun, and plays off the first event, is holding your own wedding ceremony! By using the furniture and outfits from Reese and Cyrus’ wedding anniversary you can create a stunning outdoor wedding where villagers and friends can attend. Fill the area with white flowers, hay bale seating, a flower archway and you’ve got a wedding! Creating your own event is an entertaining challenge, especially with the terraforming and planting you can do. Put yourself up to the challenge and create a magical moment for your friends and villagers alike! 

Anima crossing in game screenshot of Cherry blossom season
Join in the seasonal activities and events! Image via IGN

Party picnics 

Continuing with the self made events, our next favorite activities are the seasonal picnics! Much like in Japan, seasons are enjoyed by laying down a picnic mat and sharing seasonal snacks with friends, family and coworkers. And this perfectly translates to Animal Crossing. Picnics in ACNH are a great way to pay respect to the seasonal changes. It also is a great way to show off your specialty furniture, and get crafty with the resources around you! The best times to plan for a picnic are during cherry blossoms season, autumn season, summer solstice, winter solstice and the summer fireworks show.

All of these times in Animal Crossing have unique attributes that make the whole island come alive – think floating cherry blossom petals. Mark it on your calendar, post a sign on your bulletin board and get crafting to host the ultimate picnic for your friends and villagers. Who knows Tom Nook might even come by. 

Three animal crossing characters making a scary face
Halloween is the perfect excuse to put on your scariest outfit and play trick or treat around your island. Image via GameWith

 Annual & monthly specialty events 

Annual and monthly Animal Crossing events are the perfect way to get a bit more involved with your island life and villagers. The monthly events like the Bug Off and the Fishing Tourney are fantastically fun ways to earn a few more bells and get a bit more skillful with a fishing pole and a bug net. 

Although the monthly events are exciting, the more highly anticipated events are annual. Often Animal Crossing plays off real world events and holidays with a twist. Christmas is known as Toy Day, Thanksgiving is known as Turkey Day, Easter is known as Bunny Day, and well, Halloween is known as Halloween. Each event has distinct activities and goals that vary from each other. This makes them thrilling events, especially when you’re trying to figure out exactly what you need to do to ensure you get the holiday bonus items. 

A few other annual events that create a fun buzz on your island are the International Museum Day, Nature Day, Valentines Day, and Festivale events! Let’s just say that Pavé, the extravagant pastel colored peacock is a winning personality in Festivale, and deserves a holiday dedicated to him! 

Tanabata island on animal crossing
Tanabata is the perfect Japan event to join in! Decorate your island with these exclusive wishing bamboo trees. Image via GameWith

Japan exclusive events 

All of the above official events are global activities that you can take part in. No matter where you are in the world. However, since Animal Crossing originally started in Japan, the game includes a few extra Japan exclusive holidays and events. If you’ve ever been curious about what they are, look no further! To make it a bit easier, we will order the events in a chronological order.

  • Setsubun –  February 3rd
  • Hina Matsuro – March 1st 
  • Tanabata – July 7th 
  • Obon – August 13th ~ 15th 
  • Weeding Day – September 3rd
  • Tsukimi – October 1st 

Japan has exciting events that incorporate a lot of history and tradition. In Animal Crossing you can still get the exclusive items for those holidays and take part in them. To get a deeper understanding of these holidays they are a quick search away! 

Nintendo Store Tokyo Japan, celebrate animal crossing birthdays
The Nintendo store is a great place to get submerged in the AC world! Image via Shutterstock

Whose Animal Crossing birthdays are your favorite to celebrate? Did we miss out on any events that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments! 

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