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YumeTwins Sailor Moon Store Tour 2022

By Serena
March 06, 2022

Aside from being the setting of many popular anime and manga stories, Tokyo has some of the best spots for anime fans! Some may consider Akihabara to be the central hub of anime, manga, and game ‘nerdom’, but that’s not the only place.

Fans of shojo and magical girl genres might want to set their sights on another popular tourist destination, Harajuku. Despite its reputation, Harajuku is not just the place for seeing wild fashion, it’s a great place to shop for branded kawaii goods.

La Foret Harajuku

The Sailor Moon Store in La Foret Harajuku is where fandom meets kawaii. Opened in 2018, the flagship store is actually 2 separate stores on the B.5 level of this fashion forward mall and central hub of Harajuku fashion. The store is extremely popular with Sailor Moon fans since it is the first and only permanent Sailor Moon store open in Japan. Read our blog here for a tour of the Sailor Moon Store when it first opened.

The front logo of The Sailor Moon Flagship store in the La Foret building in Harajuku, Tokyo. Image via YumeTwins.

La Foret Harajuku is just off the famous Takeshita Street, on the opposite side from Harajuku Station. It is also home to many lolita fashion brand stores like Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphose. Another anime famous for fashion, fans of the NANA anime and manga might also be interested in the Vivienne Westwood store located on the ground floor of this shopping center.

The Pink Store

Like we mentioned earlier, The Sailor Moon Store is actually 2 different stores right across from each other. One of these stores has pink decor and is very lively with kawaii goods. At this store you can find plush toys, home goods, accessories, manga, DVDs, and more. Goods span across the original 90s anime, the newer Sailor Moon Crystal, the stage performances, and even the live action TV series.

A large Sailor Moon plush on display for purchase at the pink side of The Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Not just Sailor Moon but Sailor Mercury, Tuxedo Mask, and even the outer planets all have goods at this shop. They also have an elaborate display of non-purchasable Sailor Moon items behind the counter to make every Sailor Moon collector just a little bit jealous.

Sailor Neptune’s, or Michiru Kaio’s, birthday is March 6th, so there was also a table display dedicated to her at the entrance of the store. Another fun thing about this store is the music playing. “Moonlight Densetsu” is a great song but I imagine I would go crazy hearing it on a loop in the store if they played it. Instead they play songs from the many Sailor Moon musicals and stage performances.

A birthday display for Sailor Neptune in the front of the Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Image via YumeTwins

Since these performances are only put on in Japan with limited ticket sales, this can be a fun chance to experience the music for those unable to go see it live. What if you like the music? Well they sell the DVDs and Blurays of many of the performances in the store!

Unable to make it to Harajuku? YumeTwins has got you covered! Get the monthly kawaii goods subscription box to bring Harajuku to your front door!

The Blue Store

Across the walkway is a darker more mature Sailor Moon store that sells more of their high priced items. Here you can find roomwear and other clothes, as well as cosplay and purses. In a glass case there is medium to high end jewelry and hair styling tools. This half of the store has a mannequin in full Sailor Moon cosplay!

Jewerly and accessories from the blue side of the Sailor Moon Store in a display case. Image via YumeTwins

In addition to the beautiful Sailor Moon inspired jewelry there are many collaborations fashion items including Luna and Diana bathrobe from P-Bandai and Sailor Moon Crystal inspired lingerie sets from PEACH JOHN.

Outside of the blue store is also where you will find the Sailor Moon themed gashapon, or capsule toy machines. The prizes range from ¥300 to ¥800 and include things like keychains, figures, coasters, and stickers.

Window Display

The fun doesn’t just stop at the two stores either! Around the corner from the blue Sailor Moon Store is their window display. The installation is changed out regularly to reflect current Sailor Moon information and collaborations.

Some notable displays include the Sailor Moon Wedding collaboration spread from the wedding venue Arc en Ciel and Sailor Moon wedding dresses by Maria Rosa. Another display showed the Sailor Moon x Alice and the Pirates Princess Serenity Dress Set that was also available for purchase.

The Sailor Moon x Alice and the Pirates Princess Serenity Dress Set in the display window of the Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Image via YumeTwins

I don’t know about you, but Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is one of our favorite series, and this is one of our favorite stores in Harajuku. When you get to visit, don’t forget to get a point card and start earning points! With all of these kawaii stores in Harajuku we know it can be hard on the credit card and bank account! Make sure you plan accordingly when coming to visit. What store are you looking forward to visiting in Harajuku?

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