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Sailor Moon Merch Galore: Favorite Collabs!

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
September 11, 2023
The Sailor Scouts which are featured on a lot of Sailor Moon merch.

The magical girl Sailor Moon has captured the hearts and imaginations of young girls worldwide for over three decades. Her unbeatable charm, courage, and positivity have made her a champion for love, truth, and justice in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

More than just a fiery superheroine, she is a fashion icon in her own right. Her iconic moon rod, sailor outfit, and magical transformations make her an easily recognizable character. What could Sailor Moon possibly collaborate with? Anything she wants! From attire and toys to food and cosmetics, there’s nothing the magical girl Sailor Moon hasn’t teamed up with. Here’s some Sailor Moon merch you may have missed!

Sailor Moon x Karatetsu

A neon karaoke bar.
You can even enjoy Sailor Moon at the karaoke bar. Image via Shutterstock

What better way to show your love and devotion to Sailor Moon than by singing it at the top of your lungs? When 2013’s “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – La Reconquista” was released, popular karaoke box chain Karatetsu teamed up with Sailor Moon and released several songs in her honor. Karaoke is incredibly popular in Japan (just like Sailor Moon), which makes this collaboration a no-brainer.

Sailor Moon x keisuke kanda

Some Sailor Moon merch on display. It's Keisuke Kanda clothing.
Keisuke Kanda is a famous fashion designer! Image via Karaoke Concept

To help celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, fashion brand Keisuke Kanda released many limited items sporting the pretty sailor scout. The Shinjuku Isetan Department Store distributed goods such as socks, bags, and aprons for fans to purchase. The limited items were collectible and fashionable, and socks, bags, and aprons were always practical and useful. Sporty and helpful Sailor Moon merch? Yes, please.

Sailor Moon x Peach John

A top by Peach John in the style of Sailor moon merch.
Isn’t this top just adorable? Image via Fashion Fan

Peach John is a Japanese retailer specializing in women’s lingerie and apparel. Sailor Moon teamed up with Peach John and released a collection after her and the other Sailor Scouts. Much of the clothing consisted of shirts and shorts, but a line of super cute lingerie was styled after each of the Sailor Scouts. Listen, proudly showing off your love for Sailor Moon is never wrong, and looking cute while you do it is even better.

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Spinns made accessories!

A Spinns bad in the style of Sailor Moon's heart shaped moon rod.
This bag is perfect for carrying your stuff! Image via eBay

In 2014, Japanese fashion brand Spinns released a full line of Sailor Moon-themed items, which were all fantastic. If shirts, shorts, and other clothing weren’t enough for you, backpacks, purses, and other bags were available. Let’s say you bought the cutest Sailor Moon shirt with matching socks. How are you going to tie your outfit together? With a Sailor Moon bag, obviously.

Uniqlo made T-shirts!

In 2019, fashion enthusiasts were over the moon with the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon x UT” collection, a fantastic collaboration between Uniqlo and the iconic Sailor Moon franchise. This dazzling lineup didn’t disappoint, offering a wide range of clothing and accessories. From stylish shirts and shorts to bags, it was a Sailor Moon fan’s dream come true.

A piece of Sailor Moon merch, which is a T-shirt by Uniqlo.
Uniqlo even made some shirts! Image via Moshi Moshi Nippon

Imagine rocking a fabulous Sailor Moon tee and wondering how to complete your look. The answer was simple with this collection: accessorize with Sailor Moon-themed bags and purses. This collaboration didn’t just bring fashion but a touch of magic and nostalgia to your wardrobe. So, if you missed it back then, you missed out on something extraordinary!

Koikeya made tortilla chips!

Everyone knows Sailor Moon likes to snack, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she got her snack food. 2014 was a big year for Sailor Moon, and to further help celebrate her anniversary, Koikeya released unique bags of tortilla chips with each Sailor Scout printed on them.

A bag of potato chips by Koikeya, in collaboration with Sailor Moon.
Each bag comes with a Sailor Moon character. Image via Eater

We all love snacking on some good chips, and we all love anime. This was the perfect mix. To make the deal even sweeter, fans received limited-edition cellphone wallpapers as part of the promotion. Chips and cellphones? Koikeya understood Sailor Moon merch pretty well.

Jimmy Choo made Sailor Moon shoes!

Jimmy Choo, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers, teamed up with Sailor Moon to release some seriously hot footwear and accessories. They’re offering boots, pumps, bags, and more to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon merch in collaboration with Jimmy Choo for shoes.
Jimmy Choo is one of the most famous shoe designers in the world! Image via Emprendedor

Choo’s creative director, Sandra Choi, worked alongside Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi to help create the most perfect products possible. If you have the money spare or want something extra special to save up for, these are the showstoppers you’ve been waiting for.

Overall, what makes Sailor Moon so remarkable is that regardless of whether it’s a t-shirt for young children, snack foods for everyone, or the most luxurious fashion items, Sailor Moon exists for everyone! What’s your favorite Sailor Moon collab? Let us know what you love the most and why Sailor Moon was the perfect collab choice! 

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50 USD

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