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Kawaii Mimikyu PC Cushion Will Protect Your Wrists!

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We're always spoilt here in Japan with plushie releases, like these amazing giant Rilakkuma plushies that were announced the other day, and there's tons of shops to sustain our plushie habit too! Recently Bandai has been on a roll releasing plushie PC cushions designed to help support your wrists whilst you work, starting off with Sailor Moon's Luna and now they've just announced this super cute Mimikyu version too!

For anyone unfamiliar with Mimikyu, it's a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon that belongs to the latest Sun and Moon Pokemon generation. If you think it looks similar to Pokemon's star mascot Pikachu, then you're not wrong! Mimikyu takes it's name from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "mimic" as Mimikyu purposely mimics Pikachu's looks in the hope of being loved like Pikachu too! But be careful not to lift Mimikyu's handmade costume as it's said anyone who does so will be cursed!

As you can see, Mimikyu sits on your lap, keeping it warm as the plush keyboard gives your wrists support!

But this isn't just a one trick item! You can get 2 other uses out of it too~ Detach the plushie keyboard and you have a standard Mimikyu plushie to snuggle with!

Now the keyboard is detached, you can use it separately too! Snuggle with the Mimikyu plush as you force your friend to use the keyboard plush whilst they type up your homework for you!

The Mimikyu PC cushion is available to pre-order on Premium Bandai's website (Japan only) here and will ship sometime in January 2019. You'll need to use a shopping service should you wish to order from overseas!

What do you think of these PC cushions? Could you get some use out of them or do you just think they're plain silly? Let us know in the comments!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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