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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogCastle in the Sky: A Retrospective!

Castle in the Sky: A Retrospective!

By James Lau
July 10, 2024
A painting of a scene from "Castle in the Sky".

Castle in the Sky is a masterpiece that takes viewers through a magical world. The story follows Sheeta and Pazu as they embark on an adventure to find the legendary floating island of Laputa. With its stunning visuals and meaningful themes, Castle in the Sky remains a favorite among anime fans!

What is Castle in the Sky about?

Castle in the Sky is an adventure that follows the story of a young girl named Sheeta, who possesses a mysterious crystal necklace. Sheeta is kidnapped but escapes with the help of a brave boy named Pazu. Together, they journey to Laputa, a floating island filled with ancient secrets and treasures. Along the way, they face numerous challenges, including sky pirates and military forces, all trying to get control of Laputa’s power.

A boy and a girl from a Studio Ghibli movie reading a book.
The movie originally came out in 1986. Image via Reddir

The central theme of Castle in the Sky revolves around the power of friendship, courage, and the quest for knowledge. Sheeta and Pazu’s adventure teaches them the importance of protecting nature and the dangers of using technology for selfish purposes. The film’s story also makes it a timeless classic that captures the hearts of viewers of all ages. It blends action, mystery, and heartfelt moments, making it a must-watch for anime fans!

What was its impact?

Castle in the Sky has impacted our culture because it presents a story where the harmony between nature and advanced technology is threatened by human greed. The floating island of Laputa shows the importance of caring for the environment, while the film’s blend of futuristic technology with historical aesthetics has influenced the steampunk genre! Let’s take an in-depth look at these themes!

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Nature vs. Man

In Castle in the Sky, the theme of nature versus man is central to the story. The floating island of Laputa represents the harmony between nature and advanced technology. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that human greed and the desire for power threaten this balance. The nature of Laputa shows the difference in its mechanical inside, which is used for destruction.

The main protagonists from "Castle in the Sky: reaching out to a robot with a long metal arm.
The story shows a constant push and pull between humans and their surroundings. Image via Hollywood Reporter

The movie shows that humans trying to dominate nature can lead to negative consequences. Laputa’s destructive power symbolizes how technology can be misused. Miyazaki emphasizes respecting and protecting nature and tells his audience that living in harmony with nature is crucial. Ultimately, the film suggests that humanity must find a way to coexist with the natural world without trying to control it.


Castle in the Sky also focuses on the theme of environmentalism. The film portrays a world where humans threaten the natural environment. Miyazaki uses Laputa’s natural beauty to show how nature can thrive when left alone and even live in harmony with humans and technology. Through this, Miyazaki advocates for protecting the environment and sustainable living.

Two people standing on a floating island in the sky.
This is one of many Studio Ghibli films to talk about the environment. Image via Roobla

The characters in the film show the importance of caring for the environment. The heroine, Sheeta, is deeply connected to Laputa, and her desire to protect the island from those who seek to exploit it reminds us of the importance of protecting the environment. The film inspires viewers to consider the impact of their actions on the environment. By showing the results of environmental neglect, Miyazaki reminds us to take a more respectful approach to nature.

Miyazaki’s Influence on the Steampunk Genre

The film’s blend of futuristic technology and historical elements is a hallmark of steampunk. Many elements from the movie have shaped the aesthetics and themes of steampunk. The imagined nostalgia for a time when “machines were still fun” adds a unique charm to the genre. This idea is vividly portrayed through the joyful depiction of machines in the film.

The two main characters from "Castle in the Sky" riding in a steampunk airplane.
“Castle in the Sky” falls under the steampunk genre. Image via Reactor Mag

However, Miyazaki also presents a critical view of technology’s potential for destruction. Much of Laputa’s technology shows the ability to destroy. Celebrating the beauty of machines while understanding their dangers has become a common theme in steampunk works. Miyazaki’s ideas have inspired many creators within the genre, and his influence is evident in how steampunk explores both the good and the bad aspects of technology.

Why should I watch Castle in the Sky?

Castle in the Sky is a film that offers something for everyone. The adventurous story of Sheeta and Pazu’s quest to find Laputa is filled with excitement and danger. The film’s beautiful animation and world-building create a visually stunning experience that transports you to a magical world. Additionally, the strong bond of friendship between the main characters adds depth to the story!

Furthermore, Castle in the Sky presents important themes about nature, technology, and the effects of human greed. The film’s message about protecting the environment and living in harmony with nature is still important today!

The protagonists from Castle in the Sky latching on to their robot friend during a walk in the forest.
Have you ever seen “Castle in the Sky” before? Image via Dazed

Miyazaki’s portrayal of technology’s destructive potential reminds us of the importance of using technology responsibly. These themes make Castle in the Sky a thought-provoking and inspiring watch from Studio Ghibli!

Castle in the Sky is a rich, multi-layered story perfect for viewers of all ages. Its adventure, beautiful animation, and themes make it stand out! Watching this film is an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to reflect on important issues like environmentalism and the responsible use of technology.

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and let Castle in the Sky take you on a magical journey you won’t soon forget. Have you ever watched Castle in the Sky? What was your favorite part of the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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